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    Leaderboards! If you're here it's probably because you're seeing some kind of point discrepancy. The good news is that not all point discrepancies are unexpected or an error - Sometimes it is done intentionally.


    Please note, this FAQ is specifically tailored for customers using Advanced Gamification / Gamification powered by Bunchball. This is not related to using Jive Rewards.




    User reports that his points in the ranking were not the same as his profile points. What gives?

    The reason he will display on the leaderboard with such a discrepancy is because anytime a user is deactivated their points on the leaderboard are reset to 0. So, let's say you have an employee who leaves and comes back a few years later, you reactivate their account right? Well, the leaderboard reset them back to 0 despite their profile having more historical points.


    Clicking "Top 10" vs "My Rank" shows different point values for users in the Top 10. Why?

    Top 10 and My Rank discrepancy can be expected depending on the configuration of the Leaderboard widget and its location.

    • Every leaderboard is different, unique, and they all have their own historical point data.
      • Exception: The AllTime leaderboard (for the entire community; not place specific) and ranked leaderboard. These will always be the same and will match.
    • Leaderboards are tied to specific locations so 'Top 10' is reflective of points earned in one place (e.g. a group, space, project, etc).
    • My Rank is always reflective of points earned site wide regardless of location or configuration of the Leaderboard widget.


    Can we hide employees from leaderboards?

    Jive's Gamification system, powered by Bunchball, uses the term anonymous user to identify a user which is removed from a leaderboard.


    When using Gamification, deactivated users and the system monitoring account (userid=1) are automatically assigned the anonymous flag so they do not appear.


    To check whether a user is anonymous, navigate to the Gamification Admin Console, and go to the Users tab. Enter the user ID of the user in question, and hit the search button. On the Prefs tab, look for the Anonymous row. If the value is true or 1, then this user is anonymous and will not show on any leaderboards.


    Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 3.26.28 PM.png


    What should I do if data is not appearing for several days?

    When you first add a leaderboard widget it will start out blank and say it is processing data.  Every time the configuration settings on the widget are adjusted, the leaderboard will have to be recalculated.

    1. Determine when the leaderboard widget was initiated for the first time with its current configuration
    2. If the configuration is new, wait 24 hours for the leaderboard to appear
    3. If it does not appear, contact Jive support.




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