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    Below is the ongoing list of table experts identified for Jive 101 Boot Camp:


    The "Table Expert" job involves:

    • Being present at Jive 101 for the whole day (Monday, May 1, 2017, scheduled for 8 am to 5 pm)
    • Helping out at a round table as a community expert
    • Helping to lead the table through the boot camp exercises
    • Possibly participating in some of the speaking on stage to add some color and variety to the sessions (no slide prep required)


    In case you are unfamiliar with Jive 101, it was one of the best-received sessions from JiveWorld last year. We set up the whole room in round tables and had an expert at each table. We tried to make it fun, interactive, and a rich learning experience. This year we are looking to build on that experience as well as ensuring that the work we cover is in sync with the Jive Adoption Resource Center contents.



    If you are interested in acting as a volunteer table expert, add yourself to the table below or comment (if you can):

    • Type of Community: Are you able to help with Internal or External communities or both?
    • Industry: Are you based in a particular industry such as Healthcare, Finance, High-tech or anything else?
    • Expertise: Do have a particular background such as employee comms, using Jive as an Intranet, learning & development, or partner enablement?


    Feel free to start filling in the table below (or I can do it for you):


    #NameType of CommunityIndustryExpertise or background
    1Dennis PearceInternal Technologysocial intranet, collaboration, KM
    2Candida Rodriguez-LeeInternal AutomotiveAnalytics, Communications, Training, Social Intranet, Design, Collaboration, KB, Engagement (EE & Exec)
    3Andrew MishaloveExternal TechnologyExpertise in customer engagement and content marketing/lead gen.
    4Tamera Rousseau-VestaInternal/External TechnologyGovernance, process and user experience Dell  EMC Communities.
    5Tracy MaurerInternal Technologysocial intranet, collaboration, Jive nuts and bolts, engagement
    6Mahal TorresInternal/External TechnologyAnalytics, Community Strategy, Design, Upgrading Jive, Mobile, Ideation and Gamification
    7Keeley SoroktiInternal TechnologyKM, overseeing build of integration using Jive API, social learning (combining formal/informal learning), external developer community, internal enterprise-wide community and higher education social learning community, internal comms, Exec Engagement
    8Tammy TriplettInternal Feds/TechnologyECM, oversee entire community, Jive as intranet, strategy, use cases, user experience and enablement, structure, design, collaboration, analytics, governance, adoption/engagement

    Amy Castillo

    (needs to step out for an hour)

    Internal HealthcareSocial learning, virtual Jive conferences, communications, learning design, executive engagement, community manager structure and learning programs, clinical communities of practice
    10Jon MagninInternal Automotive

    Expertise: Analytics, Community Strategy, Design and Gamification

    11tracy benderInternal HealthcareExpertise: Community Design, Learning and Development, Communities of Practice, Clinical Communities of Practice, Community Manager Structure and Training
    12Sumeet MogheInternal TechnologyExpertise: Community Management, Facilitation, Strategy, Adoption Strategies, customisations, development, cloud, knowledge management, corporate communications, training, learning and development.
    13Matt LaurenceauExternal Technology


    • Digital Evangelist,
    • Strategy: BI, Use Cases making a big splash, getting Exec attention
    • Design: UX, onboarding/motivating SMEs, Comms, synergy with SocMed and other media
    14Gayathri SekarInternal TechnologyAt same table as Sumeet
    15David WilliamsInternal HealthcareHelp from a KB perspective, as well as, strategies to get support and buy in from various areas of the business.
    16Nathalie MagniezExternal TechnologyEmployee comms, partner enablement, use case definition, community management.
    17Dan ThomasInternal FinanceCollaboration, design and user experience expert, enabling our business to work better together by increasing connectivity, breaking down silos, and streamlining processes to deliver real business outcomes. Ultimately, to make our colleagues lives easier, more engaging and more productive!

    Thanks - that's all we need for now!