Version 2


    Jive Daily Hosted is Good\BlackBerry compatible via AppDome.

    Please follow the steps bellow.




    Integrate with Good\BlackBerry via AppDome

    1. Login to the AppDome
    2. Select the "Add New App" option
    3. Upload the resigned binary
    4. In the "Fuse" section, select the "Management" tab
    5. Under "Fusion Settings" enable the "3rd Party SDK" and select "Good Dynamics SDK" in the dropdown list
    6. In the "GD App ID", enter a unique app ID (e.g: com.jivesoftware.daily.hosted.<your_company_name>). The GD App ID has to be unique across all Good\BlackBerry EMM instances.
    7. Press the "Fuse My App" button
    8. In the "Signing" section
      1. Upload your keystore.
      2. Type the keystore password, key password and alias
      3. Press the "Sign" button
    9. When the Signing process is finished you will be able to download the APK with Good\BlackBerry integration


    Distribute the App using the Good\BlackBerry platform

    Once you downloaded the APK from AppDome, you can upload it to your Good\BlackBerry instance.