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    CompanyCommunityStatusPotential Topics
    Seeking mentorSusanne BrandsEngage DialogInternalActiviting a community with no plan, community members all around the world, incomplete community (not all employees have signed up yet) and limited time
    Rob ShapiroSeeking a mentor!Alicia FreitesBlueprint SystemsInternalCompleted - mentee to confirmIdeas and experiences on how to improve our internal community
    Seeking MentorElizabeth UvaThornton TomasettiInternalUser adoption, best practices, gamification, success stories
    Helen ChenSeeking MentorMelissa WesterveltFinance for NGOsInternalHow much support should we give place managers? What are we missing?
    Miriam SmithSeeking MentorBrooke NeuhartADPInternalImproving engagement, Utilizing Tiles on Activity pages, Reduction/eliminating the need for e-mail communications
    Candida Rodriguez-LeeSeeking MentorTracy ChapmanCapital OneInternalWe are struggling with content life cycle management and would like to learn how other companies are handling this issue
    Rob ShapiroSeeking MentorJoe YoungIntuitInternalWaiting for contact from mentee

    Most interested in driving behavioral changes in a company that has a culture of emails and meetings

    Jessica MaxsonSeeking MentorDenise ChapmanViavi SolutionsInternalUser adoption, best practices for getting employees to engage, how to evangelize about the benefits of collaboration
    Matt NevillSeeking MentorTiffany ShawCareStream DentalExternalBest practices for a newer community, best reports to keep track of, engagement, additional things we may want to do in our community, etc.
    Rob ShapiroSeeking MentorElisabeth CrecinkCapital Associated IndustriesExternalCompleted - mentee to confirmFocus on tactics (for both internal and external communities) used for converting users who typically just lurk to active participants.
    Seeking MentorMarcelo YamadaLogicalisInternalHow to use the enterprise social network to harness the potential of collective inteligence of our workforce?
    Ben GarvesSeeking Mentee SolarWindsExternal[our community] serves IT professionals around the globe and we do everything from a giant annual online web conference called THWACKcamp, to live chat webcasts, product forums, fun forums, games and missions, and just about everything else. My personal specialty is with HTML widgets and advanced page design, social sharing, advocacy, etc.
    Seeking MentorCandace LoyaIEHPInternaldeveloping an internal community that provides most of what our uses need while encourage engagement, communication, collaboration and a professional environment with a touch of social.
    Rob ShapiroSeeking MentorRachel McCollomPortland Trail BlazersInternalCompleted - mentee to confirminnovative ways someone has utilized the platform to strengthen collaboration. What are some best practices or successes you have had for increasing engagement
    Matt NevillSeeking: Mentorfranziska schwarzmannTurbonomicExternal

    How do I engage users more? How can I turn the Green Circle into a better user experience? What are the best metrics to report & track?

    Seeking MentorVictoria DickeyADPInternal

    Overcoming resistance to change – driving adoption and utilization. Discuss successful methods used to gain leadership sponsorship and momentum. Learn more about Community Management

    Seeking MentorYum DarlingSamanageExternal
    • Create a Community look that fosters discussions and help
    • Have an on-boarding process in the Community that helps people stick
    • Learn the ins and outs of Jive-x so I don't feel like I'm drowning when I go to the admin side.

    Here's what in it for mentors!

    • 450 Advocate points for each mentee you work with (more than a quarter of the way towards a JW ticket!)
    • opportunities to participate in industry thought leadership activities
    • a special badge after becoming a Jive Champion
    • and most importantly: good karma