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    Jive sites which are configured to utilize Externally Accessible Groups (EAG) will have two User Types available when creating a new account in the Admin Console, Standard User & External Contributor. These User Types will not be visible (everyone will just be standard) until you have enabled EAG.


    The purpose of this article is to go over some of the differences between these accounts, the site settings necessary for EAG, and the conversion process between External Contributor and Standard User.



    • Verified for version: Jive 8, 9, & Cloud



    Differences between External Contributor and Standard User

    External Contributors have extremely limited access: They can only view activity and content that is present in the externally accessible group they're a member of. External contributors cannot view Open social groups or Spaces that permit "All Registered Users". The purpose of the External Contributor user type is to allow an outside partner to utilize your Jive community without allowing them access to the rest of your organization's sensitive information.


    Standard Users are the baseline and what all users start out as unless specifically noted by the Admin creating the account. Standard users will have access to 'All Registered Users' & 'Everyone' permission groups. Standard Users will be able to see all Open Social groups even if they are not members and they'll be able to access any Space that grants view rights to 'All Registered Users' or 'Everyone'.


    Site Settings

    Before External Contributors are even an option you must first enable EAG

    1. Sign in as a Full Access admin account.
    2. Go to Admin Console:  System > Settings > Externally Accessible Groups
    3. Enable EAG.

    You cannot enable EAG if you have guest access enabled.

    Enabling EAG will allow you to select a User Type when generating accounts from the Admin Console.


    If you want users to be able to register themselves as External Contributors when you invite them to EAGs you must adjust your Registration Settings.

    1. Sign in as a Full Access admin account.
    2. Go to Admin Console:  People > Settings > Registration Setting
    3. Check all the boxes in "User-Created Accounts" which also requires you provide a list of applicable email domains.


    Now when you invite a new user by email in an EAG the user name will show up with an orange icon to symbolize they will be treated as an External Contributor.

    If the email you invite is not registered to Jive but their email domain matches your whitelist settings, they will be invited as a standard user.

    Be sure to check for the orange icon, if this is not present the user will have much more access as a Standard User!

    1 (2).png

    Creating & Converting Users

    You cannot convert a Standard User into an External Contributor.


    External Contributors can be modified in the Admin Console at anytime and changed to a Standard User. You can do this by editing a user's profile in the admin console and changing their User Type.


    While you can have a user converted from an External Contributor to a Standard User, this only a one way conversion. Once a user has been made a Standard User they will always be a Standard User.


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