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    We introduced the ability to integrate Jive communities with Marketo in the Winter 2015 cloud release. With this integration, community activity of both guests and registered users is streamed into Marketo to build marketing insight. Keep reading to find out more about frequently asked questions about this integration.



    What is Marketo?

    Marketo is the leader in marketing automation software (MAS). They provide a variety of products that range from marketing automation, consumer engagement marketing, real-time personalization to marketing management. At Jive Software, we utilize Marketo for our email campaigns.



    Marketo.pngHow does Jive Software integrate with Marketo?

    Jive communities can be configured to stream activity of both guests and registered users to Marketo following the Winter 2015 cloud release or users with version 8 or higher. This configuration is completed by entering the Marketo Munchkin Account ID under the Marketo Analysis tab in the Third-party Analytics section of the admin console.



    What is the cost for the integration?

    There is none! The integration from Jive communities to Marketo is included in all cloud tiers and custom deployments of version 8 and higher.



    Which versions and cloud tiers integrate?

    Marketo integration is available for all cloud tiers of Jive-n as well as Jive-x. For custom versions of Jive-n and Jive-x, version 8 or higher provides the integration.



    Why would we use this integration?

    Marketing automation tools can help provide key data about which visitors to your website are the most likely to buy or should be contacted by the sales team. Yet why stop at the website?  Once users move from the website into the community, you might be missing key information. This is exactly what the Marketo integration addresses: you can now start capturing key data on what prospects are viewing, downloading or working with. For example, if a user enters the community and views a blog or a document that describes 'ProductX,' it makes sense to enter them into a nurturing campaign around that product. When the sales team contacts the user, they now have the insight they need to focus on ProductX rather than having a generic conversation. With this, you now have additional visibility on how the community is used and a direct and much deeper understanding on how it impacts sales and lead generation.



    What does the integration look like to the end user?

    There is no impact to the end user interface; the whole integration runs in the background and relays community activity to Marketo only.



    What information is sent to Marketo as part of the integration?

    The information that is sent to Marketo is determined by the Marketo implementation itself.  This could be as basic as 'anonymous clicked into doc-1234' or as advanced as providing all information from a registered user, the document name, the time they were on the page before clicking away, any links they selected, etc.



    Can this be used for Jive-n?

    Yes. Although more typically aimed at gathering community insight for external communities as part of an enterprise wide marketing automation system, the Marketo integration can be used on Jive-n (internal) instances.



    Can Marketo information be directed into a Jive community?

    Yes. Marketing information from Marketo (e.g. from the Marketo Realtime Personalization product) can be used to drive relevant content, ads or offers into a Jive community. The Winter 2015 release introduced Apps Tiles which are one way that this integration can be accomplished with relative ease.



    Is Marketo integration into Jive communities also free?

    No. Since each integration of Marketo insight or data is use case and organization specific, there is no off the shelf implementation for this. Organizations can work with Jive, partners or their own developers to integrate Marketo with Jive.  Any implementation of this nature will likely require a degree of services, be they from Marketo or Jive.