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    When enabling SELinux OS configuration (Security Enhanced Linux), the standard Jive automatic log rotation functionality will fail. This can result in large log files that can be difficult to manage.



    • Verified for version:
      • RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 6 or 7 for x86_64
      • CentOS version 6 or 7 for x86_64
      • SUSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) 11 SP4 and 12 SP1 for x86_64



    Verify you have this setting by running the following command as the root user:


    There are one of two options (enabled or disabled). This is what the enabled state will look like:

    SELinux status:           enabled


    You will also see if the logs are not rotating by using the following command:

    cat /var/lib/logrotate.status


    SELinux is a OS configuration that is not supported by Jive. Take the following steps to fix the issue of logs not rotating:

    1. Disable the setting following your OS documentation
    2. Adjust permissions on the logs using the following command:
      • semanage permissive -a logrotate_t
    3. Restart the VM


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