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    Sharing content is a core feature of Jive, and there are several ways to configure it. Users can share content to not only other community members, but also to people who may not be registered in the community.


    Sharing can be completely disabled, or you can force users to be following each other before being allowed to share content. PDF sharing cannot be disabled without disabling the entire sharing feature.



    • Verified for version: Jive 8, Cloud


    Where to configure sharing

    The Jive Admin Console allows users to disable Sharing entirely.


    Admin Console > System > Settings > Direct Messages and Sharing

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    Can you disable the auto-convert to PDF feature?

    Jive will automatically convert content to a PDF and send via an email attachment when you share content to a user who doesn't have access to the content you're sharing. This may be helpful for sharing with people who are not a part of your community.


    There is not a configuration option to disable the 'Attach PDF' feature when sharing a document with a user who does not have permission to that content.


    If you do not want to allow this then you will need to disable all sharing in Jive.


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