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    Email Digests are regularly scheduled emails that are sent out to users. These emails contain relevant content for each user, based on their activity.. Email Digests layouts can be customized, as well as how often the content is sent out. The content of the Email digests cannot be customized, nor can you control what gets displayed.


    Can you change what content appears in the email digest? Can I hide certain pieces of content?

    No, Content is gathered dynamically based on recent content and user specific related content according to each user's unique activity.


    Can you change the layout of the email digest content?

    Yes, Message templates can be customized using HTML formats as described in the user help document Email Notification Templates.


    NOTE: Requires Manage System permissions or higher to access Admin Console: System > Settings > Message Templates

    Can you brand the email digest?

    Yes, Images can be added to both the email digest header and footer as described in the document Custom Images in Email Header/Footer


    Can you turn off email digests?

    Yes. This is a global feature that can be turned ON or OFF for all users.


    Hosted and On-Premise instances can manage this setting by following the document Turn Email Digest ON/OFF

    Cloud customers must create a new Support case to request to have all email digests disabled.


    NOTE: if you are using Jive Hosted or On-Premise, you can create a customization that modifies how the email digest system works, but this is not a supported.

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