Version 5


    Two Admin Consoles (Simplified and Advanced)

    The admin console can fall under one of two different types.


    Advanced Admin Console:

    Currently, Hosted and On-Premise customers are presented with the Advanced admin console when they navigate to their admin console.


    Simplified Admin Console:

    Cloud customers, on the other hand, will default to the simplified admin console. Please note, cloud customers also have the option of accessing the Advanced admin console, too.




    What are the differences between the Advanced and Simplified admin consoles?

    The Advanced admin console is the traditional method for community managers to administrate their site.

    The Simplified admin console is a redesigned and streamlined way of administrating the community. Most of the core features can be configured via the simplified admin console, although some features can still only be managed via the Advanced admin console.


    Jive Cloud sites by default use the simplified admin console, but you can toggle on the advanced console if you want.


    How are the admin consoles different between Hosted, On-Premise, and Cloud?

    The simplified admin console is only available for Cloud sites.


    The advanced admin console is available for Hosted, On-Premise, and Cloud sites, although only certain configuration pages will be available for Cloud sites.


    For cloud admins accessing the advanced admin console, you will notice that there are not as many options available as there are in Hosted or On-Premise installations.


    Example of the System > Management configuration pages for Cloud:



    Example of the System > Management configuration pages for Hosted and On-Premise:



    Jive Cloud is designed to be an upgrade-safe environment. To make this possible, only certain components of your Jive Cloud community to be configured via the admin console. For Hosted and On-Premise sites, the upgrade process takes place over a longer period of time and requires extensive testing and validation, so these limitations are not in place.


    Can I set system properties in Jive Cloud?

    No, only Jive Support is allowed to access the system properties section of the Admin Console for Cloud sites.


    How do I go to the Advance Admin Console in Jive Cloud?

    Go to the admin console and scroll down to the Advanced Settings button



    How do I disable the Simplified Admin Console in Jive Cloud?

    Go to Advanced Admin Console: System > Settings > New Features and toggle Simplified Admin Console to Disabled


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