Version 4
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    PeopleCUSTOM-2690S2In the Org Chart, direct report relationship count is not updated after adding direct reports
    ThemingCUSTOM-2591S1Terms & Conditions exposes html instead of link on the user registration page
    ContentCUSTOM-2253S2Wrong number of likes for threads in News page
    ContentPlacesCUSTOM-2051S2Issues importing Ideas containing special 2-byte characters
    MobileCUSTOM-2041S2Embedded .MP4 files won't play on iOS devices
    ContentCUSTOM-1941S2You cannot edit fields in a task that was imported into Projects
    ContentCUSTOM-1564S2Photo Album: You get an error when uploading a .tiff image
    Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-1363S2Tall custom view tile renders incorrectly
    ContentCUSTOM-1166S2Blogs without content should be excluded from Google using robots meta tag
    ContentCUSTOM-429S2Importing task CSVs fails if you need edit a the 'due date' or 'assigned to' fields