Version 3
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    AccessibilityActivity StreamsCUSTOM-77S2Accessibility: Unable to read a blog
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-977S2In the Skills and Expertise area, the keyboard user is unable to see the full text because it does not receive focus, but the full text is available on mouseover
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1479S2RTE Alerts: Info, Warning, & Success alert colors are not WCAG 2.0 AA compliant
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1488S2Create functionality to add alternative text to an image uploaded through RTE
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1489S2Pop-up on @mentions not read by JAWS properly
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1490S2Pop-up on skills on profiles not read by JAWS properly
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1491S2Pop-up on Profile->View More Details not read by JAWS properly
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1492S2Add description to tables added through RTE
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1493S3On status update creation options links not highlighted correctly when navigating through keyboard
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1495S2Login / Registration errors are not read by JAWS Screen Reader
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1498S2Gear on card view not accessible via the keyboard
    AccessibilityRTECUSTOM-1641S2More options in RTE toolbar is not accessible
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1666S2In content the H1 is at the same level as the document
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1667S2Contrast may not be correct in high contrast mode of selected item
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1689S2Add Photo link is read twice by screen reader
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1704S2Widgets should select users language not just english
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1945S2TIAA EC-89: Help text not read by screen reader
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-1828S2You see "Invalid column name userID" error in logs for MSSQL and Oracle when you reload the activity page because of a DbStatusLevelDAO query
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-139S3User Follower mouseover text incorrectly shows 0 followers
    Activity StreamsRTEWidgets / TilesCUSTOM-235S2IE 11: Formatted text widget float left on image doesn't work
    Activity StreamsNewsCUSTOM-1392S2News Stream: Using the create profile filter does not add new users to stream
    Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-570S2Personal message in Share modal is not editable via admin console
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-159S2Some community reports may not be available due to interrupted long running ETLs in Community Manager Reports
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-658S2Impact Metrics view count for some documents does not match the document view count
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-1236S3Analytics: Activity type 935 is not tracked in the jivedw_activity_fact
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-1431S1Large names added via SSO cause Community Manager Reports ETL jobs to fail
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-576S2Convert email into discussion > missing notification email for new content on followed group
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-865S2"Get version usage graphs" doesn't work for Extended APIs plugin admin
    ContentCUSTOM-110S2"Document" macro + ampersand in title attribute cause unexpected error while editing
    ContentMobileCUSTOM-141S2On a reduced or mobile browser, page redirects to "overview//content" instead of "overview/content", resulting in an error
    ContentCUSTOM-143S2Document browse data provider SQL is incompatible with Oracle databases
    ContentCUSTOM-161S2Categories that contain forward slashes get changed to "\/" (back slash forward slash) on Browse > Content
    ContentCUSTOM-446S2Not able to attach .xlsb files to content when restricting extensions
    ContentCUSTOM-572S3Cannot add images to Slideshow Carousel Widget if you change the Root Context on your Jive instance
    ContentCUSTOM-637S2/tags search doesn't suggest additional tags when it should using Oracle 11
    ContentCUSTOM-653S2Projects with same names ending in special characters create same URL
    ContentCUSTOM-1155S1Deleting user does not delete outcomes: unexpected error clicking action menu
    ContentI18n & l10nCUSTOM-1160S3Incorrect wrapping of translated "Bookmarked" text
    ContentCUSTOM-1234S2Deletion of Group with External Storage should not require the User to disconnect the ESP first
    ContentCUSTOM-1254S2Alternative Text for Logo in Theme Editor is not being published
    ContentEmailCUSTOM-1395S1Daily Summary - News digest email contains invalid URL for status updates
    ContentCUSTOM-1684S2Uploading multiple documents together causes Inbox notifications to persist after being dismissed
    ContentMobileCUSTOM-1717S2Can't delete users with entries in jiveMobilePushNotificationRegistration
    ContentCUSTOM-1726S1Group owners should be able to edit tags and categories inline in discussions
    ContentDocument ConversionCUSTOM-1808S2Document Conversion: Original version document used after editing and publishing as minor change
    ContentDocument ConversionCUSTOM-1816S2HTML5 viewer shows spinners instead of documents
    Document ConversionCUSTOM-380S2Document preview fails due to cache issues on the doc convert nodes
    Gamification (Bunchball)CUSTOM-1014S2The title of content no longer appears in Gamification Activity
    Jive Platform APIsPeopleCUSTOM-1419S2API avatar update throws 500 if application/octet-stream is disallowed attachment type
    NewsThemingWidgets / TilesCUSTOM-1310S1Top & Trending News is unreadable in mobile
    NewsCUSTOM-1788S2News, Like and Comment buttons do not work
    PeoplePlacesCUSTOM-145S2Invitations are being sent in sender's preferred language and are not being translated for the recipient
    PeopleCUSTOM-546S2Profile Recent activity shows nothing when content is disabled
    PeopleCUSTOM-600S3Date profile field in user's profile is off by one day when the server timezone is set to CET
    PeopleCUSTOM-763S2Export attendees csv does not show "not yet responded" to group or full access admins
    PeopleCUSTOM-953S3Forward slash not rendered properly on People > Browse > Add a Filter
    PeopleCUSTOM-1235S2V3 API: System Error when getting people/@all with Oracle DB and MSSQL
    PeopleCUSTOM-1303S2User status level point completion displays negative completion percentage under certain circumstances
    PlacesWidgets / TilesCUSTOM-266S2Creating a new page, "Blog," on the Tiles page of a space generates a 404 error
    PlacesCUSTOM-347S3Date joined sometimes displayed as Dec 31, 1969
    PlacesPluginsCUSTOM-728S1When a user creates an event in a group they are not an admin of they cannot feature it on their profile
    PlacesCUSTOM-896S2Renaming a project should not change the project URL
    PlacesThemingCUSTOM-1287S1Custom preset banner template images not visible after upgrade
    PlacesCUSTOM-1497S2After uploading a custom banner image, the image is not found
    PlacesCUSTOM-1535S2Internet Explorer: Carousel Tile displays black bar
    PlacesCUSTOM-1671S1Duplicate pages have same URL structure inside projects when they should be uniquely identified
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-80S1Records Retention: Emoticons in quote blocks are not correctly captured and written to Retention XML
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-119S2Records Retention events for bookmark creation do not contain user created/edited tags
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-123S3Records Retention: Failing jobs cause issues
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1074S2Records Retention message about tags being edited is missing tags reference
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1432S2Records Retention for Idea's is not populating the correct ITEM LINK, ITEM LABEL & ACTIONTYPE
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1480S2No record creation for Idea move/delete in Record Retention
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1537S2Records Retention logs multiple entries of actiontype CREATE when an Event is moved
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1581S3Records Retention logs two entries when an Event is viewed
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1582S3Viewing an EVENT creates a retention record with the actiontype of CREATE
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1612S3Records Retention logs two entries when an event is deleted
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1644S2Using char "<" in message to others in marking actionable prevents SHARE action in Records retention
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1674S2Stage value not captured for Ideas
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1677S2Records Retention does not retain the link to content for the Outdated Outcome
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1718S1The author field is not populating correctly for moves and edits. It only shows the original event author.
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1724S2When inviting others to private event, the personal message captured in retention as unknown content
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1725S3You see "No body found for outcome type 9" instead of content marked as Reserved
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1735S2Including a comment when rating comment does not include text of comment within RATE record
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1747S2When a status update is shared with a group, the group's information is not tracked in retention
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1749S2When expiring an announcement, the start and end date timestamps are listed the same
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1754S2Editing photo caption creates erroneous retention record
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1762S3Deleting picture from album creates erroneous record in Vantage UI and CSV report
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1867S2In social groups, Ad-Hoc image is not set in metadata
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1908S2Not retaining correct like URL if comment is liked
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1955S2Updates to content through Jive for Office are not retained
    RTECUSTOM-1094S1IE11 general slowness after 20 minutes editing content
    RTECUSTOM-1131S2IE11: Unable to resize big images after editing in content editor
    RTECUSTOM-1557S2Syntax Highlighting allows custom text styles when it shouldn't
    RTECUSTOM-1934S3Content Editor: Quoting an author reply contains username, not full name
    SearchCUSTOM-94S2People search on the insert link modal is inconsistent
    SearchCUSTOM-1437S2Spotlight Search hangs when showing preview text in Firefox
    ThemingCUSTOM-1597S2Themes: Custom links limit should be 5
    Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-1291S2Recent Content widget will display duplicate results when clicking on "More" if content is created after initial page load, but before the user clicks on "More"