External IP addresses for Cloud and Hosted Jive sites

Version 3



    All Cloud and Hosted Jive instances will have the following outbound external IP addresses.


    You may need to whitelist these IP addresses if you have a service you manage that your Jive instance will be connecting to, and your service is behind a firewall. For example, if your Jive community is configured to do LDAP directory syncing, all of the connections coming from Jive will come from the following IP addresses.




    This document has been verified for version: Jive Hosted and Cloud (2016.3)


    External IPs

    • PHX (Phoenix)
    • EWR (New Jersey- Disater Recovery Site for PHX)
    • AMS (Amsterdam) +
    • LHR (London - Disater Recovery Site for AMS)


    What data center am I in?

    Generally speaking your account rep or support agent can tell you, however unless there are exceptional circumstances your datacenter will be based on your geographic region.


    Changes in Jive Cloud 2017.1 - Jive's Next-Generation Cloud Platform

    Jive's 2017.1 Cloud release will coincide with a move in data centers for Cloud sites, moving from Jive's Phoenix datacenter to Amazon's AWS datacenter.


    The list of external IP addresses for Cloud sites are expected to change after the 2017.1 upgrade. More information about how to whitelist IP addresses in this new data center will be released leading up to the datacenter migration.


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