Version 3



    When creating links inside Jive to other Jive pages (i.e. internal links) you'll often see a small icon automatically inserted before the link text in your text editor:




    Not all internal links will include an icon. For example there is no "Places" icon so links to the will not display an icon or resolve to a title.



    Jive does not contain an option to turn on/off the automatic inserting of icons for internal links. The link icons are automatically inserted by text editor. There is no way to disable this behavior.


    There are third party URL shortening web services which can be used to help workaround this and allow you to insert links that do not have an icon. You can take a jiveURL, like, and use a service like to generate a new url that points to this Jive document., e.g.


    If you paste in this new shortened URL then Jive will see it as an external URL, instead of an internal Jive page, and it will not automatically insert an icon next to the link.



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