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    What is a Waiting on Bug Fix case?


    Some support cases are assigned a bug or improvement ID and changed to a Waiting on Bug Fix status. These cases no longer appear in the Open Cases tab in your customer JiveWorks support page and are considered closed until Jive's engineering team has resolved the issue.



    What happens when your support case gets put into a "Waiting on Bug Fix" state?

    Case investigation from Jive Support is closed and a bug ID is associated to your support case. This signifies a handoff of the issue from Jive Support to Engineering.


    Will I be alerted when the bug I reported is closed/resolved?

    Yes. The Support agent will reopen the support case and reply to it with information about the bug resolution.

    How do I follow the status of a bug?

    A Jive support agent will reach out in the case and let you know of the status.


    Premium (Gold/Platinum Support) - Premium Support customers have their bugs tracked in a Waiting on Bug Fix document within their JiveWorks support group. All bugs encountered are tracked and updated in this document. Premium Support customers can reach out to their Named Escalation Point or Technical Account Manager for updates on bugs. Learn more about our Premium Support offerings.


    How quickly will my bug be fixed?

    Jive's Engineering team manages the schedule for when bugs get fixed. This is based on factors like bug severity, customer impact, and the product that is affected.


    Jive is unable to provide an expected resolution date for bugs when they are identified.


    Once a bug is fixed, how do I know if it's fixed for me?

    Cloud customers will most likely see the bug fixed for them in the next cloud release. A support agent will clarify this with you in the case when the bug is resolved.


    Hosted & On-Prem customers will see bug fixes when they upgrade to the version which includes the fix. Example: If you are on 9.0.0, and the bug has been fixed in 9.0.1, you will see the bug fixed when you upgrade to 9.0.1.


    How do I check if I am reporting a known issue?

    Cloud known issues are listed at Known & Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x C... | JiveWorks

    Hosted and On-Premise known issues are listed at Space: Jive-n & Jive-x | JiveWorks


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