Version 2

    Looking to create an "Easy" Button for your landing page? Check out these simple HTML (Tile) examples:


    Example #1: (pretty fancy - you probably would create a different graphic)


    *** Before you begin, you will need to upload the attached actionButtons.png when you edit your HTML Tile. ***


    Copy the attached HTML -> ButtonExample1.rtf into the HTML Tile.


    Make sure to adjust the section in the HTML to reflect the link to the actionButtons.png you included in the HTML TIle.


    .backgroundDiv { 

      background: url(/resources/statics/1000/actionButtons.png) top left no-repeat; 

      width: 200px; 

      height: 200px; 


    Example #2 (really basic button)


    In an HTML Tile do something like:


    <a href="" class="button">Post A Blog in HR!</a>

    a.button {
    -webkit-appearance: button;
    -moz-appearance: button;
    : button;

    -decoration: none;
    : initial;


    Change the value  ( to link to your place/content type.