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    Jive Support services are provided to all Jive customers who are running actively supported versions of the Jive platform. Jive Support will do its best to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues that are negatively impacting your community site and your community users.


    Support can help with issues that range from topics such as how to install and configure modules, broken functionality troubleshooting and resolution, and hosting services issues. With this said, there are limitations to the services Jive Support can offer.


    Support typically cannot provide help around questions about community management and usage best practices, server level access, custom development guidance, and database queries. When possible, Jive Support will provide our recommended next steps for getting the help you're looking for, whether it is community resources in JiveWorks, our Developer resources, or Jive Professional Services.



    This list is not comprehensive and instead outlines the most common topics.


    What will Jive Support help you with?

    • Unexpected behavior / Broken functionalityHosted services
      • Why are some of my users are not accumulating points?
      • Why isn't my widget displaying up-to-date information?
      • SSL certificate renewal request.
      • Cloud instance restart requests. (Hosted customers can use JCA to perform their own restarts).
    • Security concerns
      • Can you please whitelist this IP address?
      • New vulnerability announced, are we impacted?
    • Mobile
      • How can I connect to Jive with my mobile device?
      • Why am I being logged out of my Jive Mobile application so frequently?
    • Search
      • Unable to locate newly created content using the search service.
    • SSO
      • Errors when trying to log into my community
    • Access and Licensing
      • How do I get access to Jive Cloud Admin (JCA)



    What can Jive Support NOT help you with?

    • Custom database queries
      • Running custom queries to generate reports is not supported or possible
      • Next steps:
    • Customizations
      • Custom themes, WARS, Plugins, add-ons, tiles, PS projects, etc.
      • Next steps:
        • Custom development work must be handled either by a development team (Your own developers, Jive Professional Services, or a Jive Partner)
    • API implementation and usage questions
      • Questions about API best practices for your script, custom add-on, etc
      • Next steps:
    • SAML SSO initial setup
      • Setup is accomplished by purchasing a separate Professional Services engagement. Jive Support cannot aid in first time SAML SSO setups.
      • Next steps:
        • Consult Jive Professional Services
    • Error log analysis


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