Version 6

    Sean Winter (Jive)


    4 Jivers

    1 Social Edge

    3 External

    4 internal

    3 Both



    Auditing/Clean Up - How to properly manage versions and how to get rid of older ones?

    Upgrade from 7 to 9



    Data / Metrics



    Quick look at potential Jive 2017.1 features  (dependent on AWS)

    • Keep your eye out: Work Graph
    • Keyword monitoring
    • Improved Superlist: simple and detailed format
    • Improved theming will include tile layout copy, control of tabs
    • Editable metadata tags -> improved SEO for external communities
    • Better support of MDM/EMM vendors (mobile)


    Follow-ups: SSO log in issues on external communities

    Judi Cardinal, xx xx, Rich Arsenault


    External communities / support sites / customer service

    Sterling Bailey



    • FYI David Woodrow - Even if you lock down a question/discussion and mark it as outdated, when someone likes content, it still pops up to the top of the activity feed

    --> IS THERE ANY WAY TO SHUT OFF LIKES ON CONTENT? (individually or across a place)

    • Can we have rating back please?
    • Need way to remove tags from recommender. Bad tags impact usefulness of searches, including superlists.  There is currently an idea detailing this issue.
    • JC needs clean=up.  Hard to find information.  Negative advertisement for Jive as a knowledgebase. 


    Ask a Consultant calendar: