Version 2

    A support agent may request that you use a tool like Fiddlercap to capture web requests in order to help expedite the troubleshooting process. This may be used if you're having issues connecting to a site or are running into SSO login issues.


    Steps for installing and using Fiddlercap


    1) Please use fiddlercap (Recording Web Traffic with FiddlerCap by Telerik ) to capture a saz, it has steps on the front of the website to help you do this, If you have any questions please contact the Jiver who attached the guide in the case as they should be able to help.


    2) For ideal comparison we would need a SAZ for a successful connection AND a failed connection making at least TWO but we appreciate this isn't always possible.


    3) On point 5 of the guide from the site please also make sure 'Decrypt HTTPS traffic' is enabled before you start the capture.