Version 5

    Learning Meet-Up @ JiveWorld 17 - Wednesday, May 3rd (5:15 PM - 6:00 PM)



    • Instructions on Screen
    • 10 minute networking
    • 5 Minute Set-Up
    • 15 minute world cafe
    • 10 minute debrief and next steps
    • 5 minutes - How are you going to contribute to the learning and development group this year?
      • Sign up on a flipchart with post-its and pens
      • Name, email, JiveWorks
      • Meet up at the JiveWORLD PARTY!




    • Build the agenda at the start of the meet-up - let them pick the topics for the agenda.
    • Illicit topics on L&D community that has a place for people to ask questions.
    • Should the meet-up be the way that we structure our virtual meet-ups?



    1. How could we help Jive improve their product for L&D professionals?
      • What kinds of features and integrations do we need from Jive for the L&D world (i.e. xAPI)
    2. How can we use Jive to support learning in our organizations?
    3. What do you want to do in Jive that you need help with?
    4. Open QUESTION - Insert your topic here -- allows for what are we not thinking of



    • How close will it be to the closing keynote room?
    • Can we get a room with tables?
    • Modified world cafe?
    • Flipchart paper/ markers
    • Index cards



    • Can we get a projector in the room?
    • Scribe possibly use MindMap software to document everything (Andy has a free tool called Free Mind)




    Need 4 facilitators and 4 scribes

    Need 1 runner/volunteer


    Keeley Sorokti awooler