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    Mosaic Tile

    The driving concept behind the Mosaic Tile is "stories." Stories are the items that are arranged and displayed in various patterns in the tile. The overall effect is the tile can tell a story rather than simply offering visual links.


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    Originally, we offered the Mosaic Tile as a widget and so we've received the most customer feedback on it. As a result, it has the richest set of features and details of all our pre-built tiles. It's a configuration bonanza.


    Community managers will love the ability to define the elements of a story by selecting categories, writing header text, and showing the number of likes and comments for content. These configuration options and more can then be combined with design styles to create a super engaging tile.


    Key Features

    • Select from three distinct mosaic-like styles to present stories
    • Save configuration options for multiple Mosaic Tiles to reuse
    • Preview and edit layout prior to publishing
    • Automatic image detection allows you to set an image to auto mode for a piece of content and this tile will pull in the first image on that page
    • Display the number of likes and comments for the Jive content this tile links to
    • Fully responsive, so stories always fill the column they’re placed in and resize based on the desktop or mobile browser



    Watch the video: Mosaic Tile Introduction