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    Hero Tile

    A hero image is typically placed front and center on a Jive homepage. Given that it's the first visual a user encounters, it often highlights the most important or timely content in the community (or perhaps a Space).


    Shop Hero Tile: Hero Tile – Tiles by Social Edge


    The Hero Tile has one job: connect visitors to top content. So, we sweat the details on this one. First, the Hero Tile can display up to three linked images or "calls to action" in a wide column. Alternatively, you can choose actionable links paired with icons. This tile also shows really well in a narrow column and on mobile.


    A published Hero Tile can look quite simple. But it's sophisticated in the sense that you can use the config panel to choose from a number of layouts and looks. For example, choose one beautiful image with a button or intro text with action links or an image with buttons side by side with action links.


    Key Features

    • Select layout from three options
    • Combine imagery, text, buttons, and links
    • Reorder and edit action links
    • Modify top and bottom margins for a perfect fit with different themes
    • Adaptable color palate makes it easy to specify colors for CTAs and text so your hero image blends into your community design
    • Supports custom fonts from Google Fonts or your self-hosted fonts
    • Fully responsive layout expands or contracts within a wide or narrow column and in mobile wherever it is placed


    Watch the video: Hero Tile Introduction