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    Slider Tile

    If we only could create one tile for our customers, it would be the Slider Tile. It is the single most requested tile by our customers, and it's not a mystery why. It's core to how you communicate the value of your Jive community.



    The Slider Tile allows you to rotate timely and important announcements, news, events, and more, on your Jive homepage or a key landing page. As a community manger, you can lead your audience directly to what's actionable.


    Simple in purpose yet extremely important is how we view this tile. That's why we took extra care to make it easy for you to configure with custom images, links, fonts, and so on. The result is a polished, even beautiful, slider that you'll feel great about publishing every time.


    As with every tile, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So feel free to purchase, download, and test the tile in your Jive community. If you're not satisfied, simply delete it in your Jive community within 30 days and we'll return your money.



    Key Features

    • Fully responsive
    • Create, edit, and reorder multiple slides in a configuration panel
    • Customizable colors and typography
    • Beautifully fills full width of column
    • Large, legible titles


    Check out Inside Edge to see how we use the Slider Tile in our Jive community.