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    Accordion Tile

    Looking for a great way to present an interrelated set of content in Jive? Our preference is a menu with expandable sections that allows you to group content within those sections. And we think it means displaying each link together as a word and icon.


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    This idea, built originally for a number of our customers, became the Accordion Tile. Admins love it because they can sort and share a fair-sized amount of content in a folder-like way. To users, it's immediately obvious how to discover what is available for use.


    The Accordion Tile is particularly popular among internal community managers. It's a natural way to organize materials related to health benefits, marketing collateral, operational guidelines, and so on. But, this is likely the tip of the iceberg. We bet the more it's used, the more creative uses of it will emerge.


    Key Features

    • Add any HTML-based text above the accordion
    • Organize links into collapsed sections
    • Custom icon for each link
    • Customizable colors and typography
    • Fully responsive
    • Tile expands and contracts to minimize space use


    As with every tile, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So feel free to purchase, download, and test the tile in your Jive community. If you're not satisfied, simply delete it in your Jive community within 30 days and we'll return your money.


    Watch the video: Accordion Tile Introduction