Version 1

    Thanks to all who came to my opening session yesterday - great to see so many people not just at my session but for all of the new L&D track sessions!


    My slide deck is attached.


    For the research resources, here are links I used or referred to:


    Fosway - Digital Learning Treands


    Towards Maturity - Self Directed Learner


    Invisible LMS Blogs:

    Bringing the Invisible LMS to life – an update on earlier posts | Bring on the Trumpet

    APIs, Adaptive Learning & the Invisible LMS: Andy Wooler Interview | Bring on the Trumpet

    Creating the “Invisible LMS”! | Bring on the Trumpet

    Knowledge Management (inc my reference to Nonaka & Takeuchi)
    Knowledge Management + eLearning + Web 2.0 = Learning | Bring on the Trumpet


    And finally, the Al Gore quote:


    “Our challenge is to process data into information, refine information into knowledge, extract from knowledge understanding, and then let understanding ferment into wisdom”