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    Hello everyone,


    As part of my session at JiveWorld, I provided copies of a tri-fold desk guide that we shared with our colleagues (8500 worldwide) prior to the launch of our internal community.


    The guide was very successful and aligned with our overall messaging of adapting to our colleagues' workstyle, educating them in simple terms, and creating a seamless experience.


    I am providing it here so it can be of benefit to others.



    1) Printed size was 5.5x12.75 (in) per panel.

    2) You can use Adobe InDesign or Adobe Acrobat (w/ Edit options) to modify the file.


    First reply will include a word document with the copy edit for your reference.




    Director of eCommerce and Digital Platforms

    IHS Markit


    CC Harini Sridharan Darshita Maniar