Version 2

    I'm following up on a discussion with Keeley and others at JiveWorld17 about some of Jive's limitations as a Learning and Development platform. I'm listing out my thoughts in this document in the hope that we can all add to this and potentially make a case to Jive about adding some of these capabilities to the platform. Most of these are driven by my organisational context, so please add to and build on with your own context so we can get to something that works for a majority of customers.



    Left to myself, I'd avoid an LMS. We don't have as much of a tracking use case in my company as we need the ability for people to self direct their learning paths. We're probably never going to host traditonal SCORM type API, though TinCan support would be interesting. As with communities of interest, our L&D initiaitives too are likely to be bottoms up. The philosophy will likely be that "everyone can teach" and so the holy grail will be the place where we can democratise course creation. Jive groups already give us great containers for course content and with tiles, there's enough and more means to organise content for learners. However, what's lacking, is a means for learners to track their own progress and to gain a sense of accomplishment. I feel like Jive Rewards could be promising in this direction but they're not quite there yet. So the rest of this document is about what I'd like to see with Jive Rewards for it to become a great tool for L&D type use cases. That apart there are a few other requirements that I'll mention alongside.


    The Requirements

    1. Delegated Rewards Admin: As of today you need to be a system admin to be able to administer rewards. That's just not scalable, even for a pure gamification use case. In a situation where we envision multiple people setting up courses and setting up quests to go with them, you can't really expect the system admin to keep working with them to set things up. They need to have the tools in their own hands. The system admin needs to have the ability to grant permissions to the Rewards Console for people who need to set up quests, etc. This can be the equivalent of a course creator permission level on an LMS. So all that someone who wants to create a course needs to do, is request such access and then be on their way!
    2. Quests restricted to groups: Apart from the "Advocacy Quests" which are restricted to a pre-specified Advocates group, there's no way to create quests that are restricted to specific groups. If we look at groups as a container for courseware and quests as a way to drive through them, then the ability to create a quest that's only available in a certain group, becomes quite important.
    3. Quests that can be detached from points: Our culture like many others, isn't quite in favour of points and named levels. We like quests though. There are reasons for this which are beyond the scope of this document. The problem with quests and missions currently, is that they need to have a point value attached. This makes adoption of quests difficult for us because we need to adopt points along with quests. For the purpose of L&D as well, the task based nature of quests and the eventual badge you get at the end of it are great for progress and accomplishment, but the point value doesn't do much unless your implementation actually has a points and levels system to go with it. If quests don't make points mandatory, they could be quite useful for us in L&D.
    4. Ability to connect quest tasks to external learning resources: A number of times, learning activities may mean completing courses on third party platforms - Udemy, Udacity, EdX, Coursera, Pluralsight, Skillsoft. How can we get a response back on Jive when we complete a specified course on one of these platforms? Can we have a task complete on a quest when such an event occurs?
    5. Mobile support for Rewards: Right now there's no support for Rewards on Jive Daily. That just means we can't do any mlearning type stuff using rewards. This should be fairly easy to achieve I guess?
    6. Pragmatic support for Tiles on Mobile: At jw17 I heard that Jive Daily will have tiles support. I can't tell you how worried I am about this. The trouble is that number of our groups use custom tiles and custom tiles Jive Daily won't support custom tiles. So tiles support on Jive Daily will actually kill our user experience on mobile, because for many of our groups, people will see a number of blank pages and nothing else. To fix this, Jive Daily either needs to support custom tiles (and then it's the customer's responsibility to make tiles responsive), or Jive needs to provide users the option to define a mobile page, that's separate from the desktop landing pages. This'll ensure that we provide a 'lite', but uncompromised experience to mobile users. From an L&D perspective, this helps us organise materials for an mlearning use case.
    7. Copy Groups with Tiles: Several times when we run the same course multiple times, we need to reuse the content and layout. Currently it means recreating everything by hand. It'll help to be able to make a copy of groups (probably while retaining only one copy of the original content; we need to think through this) and the tiles/pages we created to showcase the content. Especially from the perspective of synchronous courses like Corporate MOOCs, this is invaluable functionality.
    8. Define and Use Page Templates: Thinking from the perspecitve of democratised course creation, it'll really help to be able to define Page templates that other users can just pick up and use so they can set up their own courses. It'll help simplify course layout for people in a big way.
    9. Well documented Rewards APIs: A well documented rewards API allows us to build our own apps and extensions to complement Jive's own Rewards functionality. It also takes away the pressure from Jive to build out every little feature/ interface for us.
    10. Index Pages in Search: Currently Jive's search only indexes content, people and places, but if there are some keywords or content in a page, then the search engine doesn't pick it up. There are several occasions when a page has important keywords that can help people find a relevant place. Maybe build in this capability too?

    Those are some of the requirements I've had on top of my mind. I wouldn't mind hopping onto a Webex with some more of you to discuss these requirements and more. Who knows how much overlap we have and if we can make a constructive case to Jive, we may just get some of this! Look forward to speaking soon.