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    Location - San Francisco


    Full time position at Bank of the West


    Direct link to job post:


    Hiring manager contact info - Lee Ann Bird,


    Position Summary

    This Community Manager is a champion for change and responsible for engagement and operations of Bank of the West’s social collaboration community. As a face and voice of the community, she/he works with team members across the Bank to help them use the community to become more connected, productive and engaged. The CM balances tactical engagement and programming activities with more strategic responsibilities like planning and reporting. The CM ensures a strong community “heartbeat” by building relationships, setting expectations, managing content and running programming. The CM is a champion of change. Her/his super powers are empathy and execution. She/he has a special knack for:

    • Understanding team member motivation, goals and challenges,
    • Translating this into a strong community strategy, and
    • Effectively executing against that strategy.


    Essential job functions:
    1. Strategic and Business

    • Identify, prioritize and build use cases. Manage roadmap and ongoing development of use cases including defining success metrics
    • Community planning and engagement- summarize progress to execs and others
    • Define policies/guidelines
    • Stay current on emerging collaboration best practices, tools, technologies, and trends


    2. Content Development

    • Develop and maintain content calendar
    • Curate content (feature, promote)
    • Summarize success stories
    • Contribute original content regularly (blog, status updates, docs, etc.)


    3. Engagement and People

    • Coach and train executives to engage in the community.
    • Welcome and train new/existing members
    • Engage team members regularly
    • Act as regular social connector: daily maintenance (check in, comment, like, recognize others, etc.)
    • Moderate with diplomacy (coach on policies & etiquette, manage disputes if any arise (rare)

    4. Technical

    • Design and launch community groups (including graphics)
    • Provide some technical support
    • Analyze metrics, report to team and make adjustments