Version 7

    Note:  As we flesh out the details of this document, feel free to add your use-cases and descriptions into the table.  If we can provide the DES Resource + Filter query later, we will do our best.

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    For more details on how to interact with DES, check out Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics)


    Common Queries



    Implementation Details / Query DescriptionDES Resource + Filter (i.e. .../analytics/v2/export/activity{resourceFilter})
    User Report: Not Logged in Last X Period
    • user, last login, location, company, region, manager
    Content Report: Content Not Viewed in Last X Period
    • content name, URL, parent place, date of last view, create date, author
    Places Report:  Place Content with less than X views in last Y Period
    • Place name, URL, views (if easy)
    Places Report:
    • Place name, place url, group type, # of members/followers, # of assets, date of last activity
    Most Commonly Search Terms


    See: Re: Export search terms for keyword research

    Active Users per PlaceSee: Creating list of active users via DES
    Content report: all content created in X periodContent name, creation date, author name


    For more information and resources on Analytics/DES see: Analytics - Developer Resources


    Best Practices for Incorporating Additional Fields


    Content Details



    Place Details



    User Details



    Org Chart

    TODO:  High-Level Best Practices for Extracting and Maintaining an Index of the Corporate Org Chart.


    Common Tools


    See: 7 command-line tools for data science





    see: Have you heard of the jq command line tool for JSON parsing?