Version 5

    What´s the helpdesk about?

    The Pokeshot helpdesk gives you quick answers for all kind of user support questions regarding SmarterPath and other Pokeshot products.

    1. Knowledge Base for SmarterPath: SmarterPath : Pokeshot Helpdesk
    2. Submit any request regarding SmarterPath: Submit a ticket : Pokeshot Helpdesk


    When to check the Knowledge Base?

    The Pokeshot Knowledge Base is available to everyone. Give this link to all your SmarterPath administrators and creators.

    1. If you have a user or admin question regarding any functionality.
    2. If you like to watch tutorials on how to use SmarterPath.
    3. If you want to check the product updates of the releases as well as the roadmap.
    4. Find important documents like SLAs, Security Documentation, Privacy Policy, etc.


    When to submit a request for SmarterPath?

    You should define between 1-3 responsible people who will collect user/admin questions and then submit a request in the Pokeshot helpdesk. This way we will avoid dublicate requests and one in your company has an overview of all queries.

    1. You cannot find the answer to your question about SmarterPath in our Knowledge Base.
    2. You have a great idea on how to improve existing features in SmarterPath.
    3. There is a new feature idea in your mind that would support your work with SmarterPath even more.
    4. You experience an issue using a familiar feature of SmarterPath.