Version 2

    2017.1 timing - concern about reschedule

    • consensus reschedule made sense based on acquisition announcement, some fear of date push on 2017.1 or 2017.2


    Upgrade experience (user moving from Jive 7 to Jive 9)

    • use as opportunity to reengage
    • gamification/quests
    • weekly prep email - get excited!


    Selling gamification

    • Call it "recognition" vs "reward" - it's work, not play
    • Make sure it's scalable
    • Trackable, measurable - get a couple examples to share with executives to show value
    • gamification of profile field tasks (complete BIO, complete all profiles.. as an example) would be useful


    External - customer engagement campaigns / blogs

    • Templates (easy to fill in)
    • Moderation - let them create, assist with editing/clean up, removes fear of publication
    • Executive / influencer participation on customer-created blogs to encourage participation


    Jive + Influitive (will break into separate conversation)


    Create by email (Kirsten to provide example of "ghost blogging" replacement)


    Kirsten to connect Amanda Buckley with Judi Cardinal for customer community / support / knowledgebase conversation