Version 1
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Note Title
    Accessibility ContentCUSTOM-88S2Accessibility: Some pages need meaningful header
    Accessibility ContentCUSTOM-157S2Accessibility: Screen reader not reading out loud headings in expected order.
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1570S2TAB key needs to be hit twice for moving between Insert Image and Insert Mention buttons in status updates creation
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-1872S1Screen reader cannot read contact cards
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-2184S2"Empty content information" is read instead of the link names in the People Backcards
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-2187S1Actions from links in the People Backcards don't work hitting Enter on them
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-2255S1Actions from links in the Places Backcards don't work hitting Enter on them
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-2256S1Cannot scroll through inbox items with keyboard
    Accessibility PeopleCUSTOM-2981S2Status update timestamp font size too big in profile view
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-3094S2"Recent content" widget accessibility WCAG Level A errors
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-3201S2"Send invite" WCAG Level A error
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-3202S2"Activity" tab in profile page shows WCAG Level A error when user doesn't have a blog
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-3224S2Content creation/view accessibility WCAG Level A errors
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-3232S2Status update with image only shows accessibility WCAG Level A errors in "Recent content" widget
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-3238S2Content Editor menu accessibility WCAG Level A errors
    AccessibilityCUSTOM-3342S2"My profile" widget accessibility WCAG Level A error
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-105S2When you add a new filter to the News stream, it shows incorrect number for the audience
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-1536S2News Streams based on custom profile fields, don't reflect changes made to the profile field name
    Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-863S2Key Dates tile shows different dates depending on user timezone
    Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-1201S2Audit log viewer times out if there are too many messages and the database is Oracle
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-67S2Community Manager Reports returns empty values when a filter is applied to a single select field
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-111S2Oracle throws ORA-30036 on large datasets on a re-summary
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-129S2Community Health New Registrations incorrectly calculated
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-146S1In Community Manager Reports with an Oracle database, the Content Leaderboard CSV times out for spaces with numerous subspaces
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-1359S2For large datasets, Community Manager Reports CSV reports cannot be generated within the five minutes timeout
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-1738S2ETL Jobs can be kicked-off while a previous one is still running
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-1940S2UserInitLogin ETL task can take many hours per batch to complete for large datasets
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-2016S1Some ETL processes (SummaryInteractionsChart, ActiveUsersDaySummaryFunction, ActiveUsersMonthummaryFunction) fail to process a complete batch for large datasets
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-2975S2User Summaries are unable to complete on large datasets
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-142S2Permissions script takes too long on EAE server during upgrade.
    Architecture External StorageCUSTOM-148S2The binary file system's delete operation is not part of the transaction rollback which can result in binstore integrity problems
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-1776S2Storage Provider cache may overflow
    ArchitectureCUSTOM-2107S2Poor MySQL performance on Events related queries
    ContentCUSTOM-75S2Unmarking content as a success from user profile page generates an error
    ContentCUSTOM-98S2"Manage Versions" page for documents needs improvement to prevent performance issues and Timeout errors with Akamai
    ContentCUSTOM-104S2Pagination buttons are not visible when browsing Content and filtering by Discussions only, with Manage Community permissions
    ContentCUSTOM-120S1Content Editor's Kaltura video macro not working
    Content Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-131S2Recent Content Widget doesn't show "More" button if it is pulled from a root space and it has "Show Sub-Space Content" selected
    ContentCUSTOM-429S2Edit 'due date' or 'assigned to' fields while importing tasks from CSV file not working
    ContentCUSTOM-442S3Japanese language tags are not prompted with the drop-down to create tags in Firefox
    Content PlacesCUSTOM-638S2Browsing places sort by latest activity returns out of order results
    ContentCUSTOM-834S3Custom streams based on tags don't show discussions that have tags added via "edit tags"
    ContentCUSTOM-914S2The main page for an external bookmark shows the wrong title
    ContentCUSTOM-1017S2Blog posts created under Projects with the same names are inaccessible
    ContentCUSTOM-1202S2If there is a database inconsistency, "mark as correct" might not work as expected
    ContentCUSTOM-1540S1View as PDF - Add support for Thai language
    ContentCUSTOM-1564S2Photo Album: You get an error when uploading a TIFF image
    ContentCUSTOM-1565S2Moving featured Event to another place does not remove it from the Featured Content Widget
    ContentCUSTOM-1619S3Guest users unable to view videos embedded into system level blogs
    Content RTECUSTOM-1870S2JPEG images incorrectly rendered after resizing them
    ContentCUSTOM-1938S3Mentions and tags are allowed for private bookmarks
    ContentCUSTOM-1941S2You cannot edit fields in a task while importing into Projects
    ContentCUSTOM-1974S2Multiple event widgets in the same page are conflicting
    ContentCUSTOM-2050S2Content Browse only shows Documents with the maximum number of versions
    ContentCUSTOM-2224S3Guest users are not redirected to login page when attempting to create ideas, photo albums, events, discussions or videos
    ContentCUSTOM-2391S2Video: Disable video downloads in admin console does not remove download arrow
    EmailCUSTOM-1789S2Some top-level domains (TLDs) are not being recognized as valid
    I18n & l10n Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-1452S2Recent activity widget filter follows system language setting, not personal language setting
    I18n & l10nCUSTOM-1957S2Labels are being mixed up after installing plugins or theme
    I18n & l10nCUSTOM-3031S3"Shared" related strings missing translations
    InboxCUSTOM-1187S2Some addons cause inbox responsive issues
    InboxCUSTOM-2499S1Unauthorized error is received when viewing inbox for an event that is created in a Secret Group for which the user is not a member of
    Jive Platform APIsCUSTOM-2174S2V3 API: appliedEntitlement endpoint call on space fails with HTTP 500 (System Error) when user override no access is set
    ModerationCUSTOM-1988S1Moving moderated content from one moderated Space to another moderated space removes the Moderation Notes
    NewsCUSTOM-1448S1News Streams are not listed under Email Preferences
    PeopleCUSTOM-82S2A large value for the maximum number of possible values for a profile field (property people.filter.term.threshold) results in error when filtering users by a profile field with a large number of values
    People SearchCUSTOM-124S2Editing properties of a custom profile field removes label translations
    PeopleCUSTOM-2500S2Pending group invite hyperlinks Admins to a link that does not exist
    PeopleCUSTOM-2534S2Some content types grant status level points when in moderation
    PlacesCUSTOM-1076S2Error when viewing spaces that are subspaces of a space named "apps"
    PlacesCUSTOM-1499S2"Invite people to join this group" link doesn't work if you are looking at open invitations
    Places RTECUSTOM-2338S2Content Editor: Links to place pages stripped to place base URL
    PlacesCUSTOM-2691S3A restricted space can show up in the Top Spaces widget for a user who only has permissions to a subspace
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1813S2Old Embedded images at document are being attached in the retention message
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1866S2Replies with image cause a retention exception logged in system logs
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-2204S2Changing project owner generates multiple records
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-2269S2Comment deletion on discussions is captured with missing info
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-2401S2Retention: Liking a comment stores duplicate information in some fields
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-2402S2Draft content creates two edit records and neither of them include the draft content
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-2472S2Retention - Unmark as success not tracked
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-2602S2Profile images are captured in retention queue when set to don't (setting property retention.attachment.capture.profile.images=false)
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-2909S3Marking/unmarking a discussion as question is not retained
    RTECUSTOM-1921S2Content Editor: Inserting TIFF images displays forbidden format error even though it's in the allowed formats list
    SearchCUSTOM-2425S2If deleted content is also in Promoted Results, search will give a red bar
    ThemingCUSTOM-2591S1Terms & Conditions exposes HTML instead of formatted text on the user registration page
    Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-1547S2If not connected to Recommender, tags are not updated when viewing popular tags widget on a container overview page
    Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-2584S2Images uploaded through Carousel Tile are displaying twice in the manage files dialog
    Widgets / TilesCUSTOM-2805S2Error when uploading JSON file to static resources