Version 2


    The video content type enables users to post rich video content to the community in a variety of ways. Each video can be created using a file from the computer (common file types like mp4, wav, etc.) or from another video streaming service (Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.).




    Creating a new video

    • Click the pencil icon on the top menu and select Video or if you're on a space, group or project, select Video from the Actions menu. 
    • Choose the method you wish to use to create the video.
      • Upload a Video - this allows you to simply upload the video file from your local hard drive.
      • Embed a Video - the allows you to enter the URL from another stream service for the video. If the video service updates the video behind the URL, your video will reflect that change!
    • Depending on the method you chose, it could take a few minutes to save the video. This will depend greatly on the video duration and size.
      • Note: If you chose to Upload a Video from your computer, the video will have to "encode" to be displayed on the browser. Depending on the file size and duration this could take time. Until the encoding process is finished the video will not be available. If you chose to Embed a Video the good news is that service already did the encoding so the video should display immediately.





    Publishing your video

    • Enter a title for your video in the space provided.
    • While the video is saving, enter in the required description for the video below the player.
    • Enter any tags that will help search and make finding the video in the future easier.
    • Once the video is saved, the player will display a green check mark. At this time, you can publish the video.
    • Click the Publish button to save the video to your community.