Version 2



    The event content type enables users to create events within the community that other users can RSVP to attend. These events, while local to Jive, have the option to download an .ICS file that will enable users to drop the event on to more common calendar programs.









    Creating a new event

    • Click the pencil icon on the top menu and select Eventor if you're on a space, group or project, select Event from the Actions menu. 
    • Enter the subject and description of your event.
    • Enter the start and end dates/time for your event, paying special attention to the time zone.
    • Enter the location of the event. If located at a physical place, you can expand this section to include the address information.






    Your event visibility

    • Select the event type. This list has a default but can be modified by community managers.
    • Choose the correct event visibility and attendance policy.
      • Open - any user who can see the event will be able to RSVP to the event.
      • Closed - any user who can see the event will see it, but only invited members can RSVP or see the event details.
      • Private - invite only event.
    • Set an optional attendee limit - This will help control large web-based events or events with limited seating venues.


    Publishing your event

    • Choose where you'd like to the post the event. Each space, group and project with events enables will have a specific calendar for that place. Each user will have a calendar that will show them all events they are allowed to see.
    • Enter any tags that will make your event more accessible via search.
    • In the Advanced Options, choose if you wish to have co-hosts for your event of if you will be the only host.
    • Click the Create Event button to publish your event to the community.