Version 2


    Polls allow you to extract information from your community in a very distinct way. A poll can have between 2 and 20 options that users can select from and each user can choose only one option. Users cannot change their vote once submitted and the poll only tracks the raw numbers and percentages of votes, not which option each user voted for.



    Creating a poll

    • Click the pencil icon on the top menu and select Poll.
    • Enter a title for your poll in the field at the top.
    • Each poll starts with 2 options available but you can add more by clicking the Add a Choice link below the current options. A maximum of 20 options can be entered for any given poll.
    • Enter the options for your poll and optionally include images for each option. All options can be rearranged by clicking the Drag to Reorder button or be deleted by clicking the X (Delete) option.
    • Enter a description for your poll to give your users more information on what the poll is trying to get



    Publishing your poll

    • In Publish Location, enter the place where your poll will be published. This can be in a specific place or to specific people.
    • Enter one or more key tags that will make your poll more searchable.
    • In Advanced Options, choose when your poll will open or close (if needed).
      • The default options are the poll will open immediately (open = users can vote) and will close when you manually archive the poll.
    • Click the Create Poll button to publish your poll.