Version 3






    Questions are used in the community to find specific solutions. When asking a question, there will be an option to mark one reply as the correct answer. Either the author or the administrator can mark the correct answer for the question.

    Asking a question

    • Click the pencil on the top menu and select Question.
    • Enter a title for your question in the field at the top.
    • Write additional information for your question in the content field.
      • The text editor defaults to a simplified editor but you can restore it to full functionality by clicking the ... ellipsis button.
      • You can format your text however you'd like and insert videos, images, hyperlinks, emoticons, or tables.
      • Spellcheck your document or view your content in HTML by clicking the <> icon in the upper right corner of the content field.



    Posting your question

    • Next, choose a place to post your question.
      • If this option is already populated, you can change it if needed.
      • All content can be posted in a place, to specific people, or as a public piece of content in the community.
    • Under the Tag This Question section, add relevant tags to your document so that it is easily searchable. You can choose from a list of popular tags or write your own.
    • Click the Post button to post your question.