Version 1
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityKnown Issue Title
    PlacesCUSTOM-1834S2A warning appears when switching to Hierarchy view on Spaces filtered by tag
    Records RetentionCUSTOM-1604S2Accepting Event invite is not retained
    Documentation/People/PlacesCUSTOM-2855S2Approval status is not updated when moving a pending document to a place with different approver
    SearchCUSTOM-2576S2Blog posts sometimes show up as places in spotlight search
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-1864S2Community Manager Reports: Profile Completion CSV export: Add "Member Since" field
    RTECUSTOM-1673S2Content editor slows down after editing from HTML view on Internet Explorer 11
    RTECUSTOM-2968S2Content editor: html editor strips out some attributes
    Admin Console/PeopleCUSTOM-1910S2Creating an account using the surname as one of the blacklisted username is disallowed
    ContentCUSTOM-2105S2Document shared to a space not visible to users with Discuss access
    ContentCUSTOM-3319S2Error uploading archive of images into Photo Album when running non-English language settings, and the file names have accented characters
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-2823S2Error when trying to view impact metrics for a single day
    PlacesCUSTOM-3671S2Expired events are deleted instead of moved during space merge
    Activity StreamsCUSTOM-1645S2Incorrect red bar error is thrown on reaching the maximum number of allowed custom streams for users with legacy Email Watches Stream
    ContentCUSTOM-3798S2Move action only updates the modification date of the document and leaves the username unchanged
    Widgets/TilesCUSTOM-2532S2Recent Content Widget displays content that has been moved out of the place until caches are cleared
    InboxCUSTOM-2538S1Shares to a place do not appear in inbox notifications when the user is following the place in Inbox
    Widgets/TilesCUSTOM-3244S2Static images loaded through manage files to a formatted text widget, on non-root instance, causes image to break
    RTECUSTOM-623S2Syntax highlighter doesn't render correctly on Internet Explorer when the text exceeds the Content Editor width
    Content/ModerationCUSTOM-3393S2The Author name is incorrectly displayed as the original author despite being modified and sent into moderation by a different user
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-1785S2The Content Leaderboard .CSV report displays content as Current Container Type: User Container, even when it no longer exists in the container
    Admin Console/ContentCUSTOM-2785S2The questions are converted into discussions on merging a space with new space
    RTECUSTOM-3492S2Unable to move images in content editor when using Chrome
    SearchCUSTOM-1249S2Using comma in Spotlight search throws error
    ContentCUSTOM-2594S2Using embedded handle bars for resizing create decimal values that stop videos from being visible in published documents
    Admin Console/Email/People/PlacesCUSTOM-3297S2When sending an external user an invite to a jive group, the first invitation sent out adheres to the Jive system locale instead of the language set by the user
    Authentication/SSO/LDAPCUSTOM-1543S2With Kerberos, users who follow a link when not logged in are not redirected after authenticating
    Activity Streams/Content/People/PlacesCUSTOM-2070S2Activity Stream rules for Hidden content types not displayed in preferences
    Admin ConsoleCUSTOM-592S2Audit Log > Filter by Date Picker doesn't work
    Authentication/PeopleCUSTOM-694S2Admin Console: Federated user search filter doesn't work on sites connected to LDAP
    ContentCUSTOM-2041S2Embedded .MP4 files won't play on iOS devices
    ContentCUSTOM-2946S2Comments can be broken at load time if blogpost has tags that contain special characters
    I18n & l10n/Widgets/TilesCUSTOM-1452S2Recent activity widget filter follows system language setting, not personal language setting
    Jive Platform APIsCUSTOM-1195S2Inability to Insure Tile Focus after adjustHeight() for Custom View Tile
    PlacesCUSTOM-1710S2Task can be created with date before the project start date
    SearchCUSTOM-3225S2OpenSearch returns inaccurate results while using white spaces and/or quotes
    SSO/LDAPCUSTOM-1594S2When loading a page as a non-authenticated user you are not redirected to the login page
    Widgets/TilesCUSTOM-2257S2More button appears in filtered recent content widget when all content is displayed