Version 2

    When you want to use the DES via 3rd party tool you will need to pass the authorization token with the call you're attempting to make.


    I'm going to use "Postman" in my example but you should be able to apply the same concept to any rest client.


    Referencing Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) You can access the DES directly here: API Explorer using your Client ID and Secret to sign in.


    Simplest Way to Access the DES - Use the Script

    For those who are not familiar with REST clients, the easiest way to get data from the Jive DES is to use Dirk McNealy's nifty "simple query" which can be found here: Simple Script for Jive Data Export Service.

    OR  You can build your own...

    https://<cloudanalytics_server_host>/analytics/v1/auth/login?clientId=<Client ID>&clientSecret=<Client Secret> and substituting:

    • cloudalytics_server_host with the host or port for the Jive Data Export server. Note: The cloud analytics server is for customers in our US datacenter and for customers in our European datacenter.
    • Client ID and Client Secret from the previous steps.


    Add-ons | InSite 2016-11-04 16-27-36.png

    Using your Client ID and Client Secret:


    • Use the formatted URL containing your clientId and secret key and POST the call. You should see the token in the response.

    Postman 2016-11-04 16-32-10.png


    Copy the token from the response:  043a7d86-8029-44d9-8f0b-680de21a88a3 you will need this to build your O-auth token into the header so you can make your call.





    So it is a two step process to make calls to the DES using the RESTclient.

    • Make the call using your Client ID and Client Secret to get the token.
    • Use the token to build the O-auth header to make calls to the DES.