Version 4

    Dear Jive Customers,


    With immediate effect we are introducing a new feature to our Support cases. This feature prevents the re-opening or posting of additional comments 30 days after the case has been closed and left without customer activity.


    30 days after case closure the support case becomes read-only and you will no longer have the ability to:


    • Comment (comments section - ”Add a comment” and ”Reply” links are removed)
    • Edit Case (Actions sidebar)
    • Update Case (Case details section)


    Should you wish to reply to a closed case, a new one should be created providing the old case reference.


    Introduction of this feature provides the ability to accurately capture the occurrence of repeat issues which we can feed back into the organization for deeper root cause analysis.


    Additionally you will have a clear overview of each individual issue you opened with us, how fast each was resolved, as well as helping to promote Support efficiency by further removing the potential requirement for our team to read through multiple issues presented within one ticket.


    This allows us to clearly report on our Support performance as well as on our Product performance by understanding if a feature is requested more frequently or if a particular bug is generating a high volume of tickets.




    The Jive Software Team