Version 2

    Signing the add-on prior to installation

    • Maintenance mode must be disabled while installing the add-on
    • The Delegate Access add-on must be signed, which can be accomplished from the add-ons installation page, which can be found by clicking on your Jive user avatar, then clicking Add-ons
    • Depending on whether you are using a Mac or PC, either CTRL + Click or CMD + Click on the Upload Package button.
    • Paste your add-on UUID, from the meta.json file's id property, into the Sign Package text box

    • The signature will be displayed after putting in your Add-On's UUID and clicking Sign.
      • The signature will look something like (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=) (27 alphanumerics including an equal sign)
    • Unzip the add-on zip file and change the definition.json file's jiveServiceSignature, which should have the <<< replace me >>> as the current json value, to use the signature string you just received
    • Ensure that systemAdmin is set to true in the definition.json
      • It should be noted that any user of Delegate Access must be a system administrator in order to post content
    • Zip up the extension folder with the modified definition.json and save this signed zip for later installation


    Setting up a Delegate Access permission group

    • A permission group, with the recommended name of Jive Ghost Writers, must be created and populated with the users of the add-on
    • Remember the ID of this permission group as you'll need it for later configuration of the add-on


    Add requisite system properties

    services.enhancedContent.serviceURLURL and Port Number of your middleware
    jive.api.run_as.strategies (if the property already exists, then confirm the values are in the comma-separated list)uri,userid
    jive.apps.proxy.whitelist.cidrsRoute-able IP address of your middleware
    jive.api.whitelist.cidrsRoute-able IP address of your middleware



    Create a secret social group

    • A secret social group, with the recommended name of Delegate Access - Drafts, must be created to house all content to be posted using the Delegate Access add-on.
    • Anyone who wishes to use the Add-on must be a member of this social group.
    • Any piece of content in the group will have an additional app action, Delegate Access, that can be clicked to launch the add-on:


    Installing the add-on

    • Go back to the add-ons installation page and click Upload Package, then select the signed zip from earlier.
      • You will receive a confirmation message if the add-on was installed successfully
    • Once the add-on is installed, click on the gear icon under Apps Security to configure the permission group that will grant access to the add-on
      • Remove the "All Registered Users" group as well
    • Then, click Configure Now to launch the configuration options
      • Here is where you will need to populate the IDs of the Secret Social Group and the Permissions Group from earlier:

      • Once you have completed the configuration section, click Submit and your add-on is ready to use.



    Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) FAQ - Archived because of publishing issues