Version 1


    Pre-Installation Instructions:


    In order to begin the setup of Delegate Access, you need to identify or create two things within your installation:

    • A private, unlisted, group:
      • Production:
      • UAT:
    • A Security Group: (This is found: Admin Console > People > Management > User Group Summary*)
      • Production:
      • UAT:

    * make note of the user group number (this is important for configuration in a later step.


    Ensure the following System Properties are configured in your instance:


    Admin Console > System > Management > System Properties

    • Ensure the system properties are not already present.
      • services.enhancedContent.serviceURL =
      • jive.api.run_as.strategies = uri, userid -
        • If the property already exists, then only add 'uri, userid'.
      • jive.apps.proxy.whitelist.cidrs =
      • jive.api.whitelist.cidrs =


    Set Up an App Service and restrict access to the Security Group:


    Admin Console > Add-Ons > App Services > Add New Service


    Add the following details

    1. Name: Delegate Access
    2. Authentication Style: Anonymous
    3. Description: Ghost Blog add-on service
    4. Tags: jive:service://
    5. Service URL:
    6. Groups with Access: Remove "All Registered Users"
    7. Add Group: Jive Ghost Writers (from "Create security group" step above.
    8. Test Settings - Click "Test Settings" A green check mark means everything is correct
    9. Save

    Retrieve the Place ID for the Security Group (in the step above)

    • Navigate to the Group and append the following to the URL: /api/v3
    • This will display the API information for the specific group
    • Locate: "placeID" and the number.

    Install the add-on for your specific instance. (Attached to this document)


    Satellite Nav > Add-Ons > All Add Ons > Upload Package

    • Choose the file you created in the "Zip up the entire Delegate Access File" step above
    • Click the Gear Icon to Configure the Permissions Group
    • Remember to remove "All Registered Users"
    • Add the Security Group (As noted from the step above)
    • Click "Save"
    Each add-on is specific to each installation. An add-on created for one installation of Jive will not work in another installation.


    Configure the Addon:

    (Click "Configure Now")

    • Placed ID (Social Group ID where delegatable content is posted):
      • This value is the item found in "Obtain the Place ID for the Content Publishing Group" step above
    • User Group ID (Users that that have access to delegate content):
      • This value is the item found in "Obtain the Jive User Group ID" step above

    Once you have entered the values, click "Save"