Version 5

    What your team is working on dictates the best place to do your work.


    What are your goals?

    QuestionIf Yes
    Is your team working on content that will eventually be published in an employee facing space in Jive?

    Collaborate in a private group or space in Jive.

    Is your main goal to be able to work on documents at the same time and co-edit?

    You can choose which platform to use

    • If your team all use PCs, this can be done in Jive, using Jive for Office.
    • If your team has a mixture of PCs and Macs, and don't want to use VM, use MS Teams
    Does your team currently use OneNote?MS Teams is a logical option to make it easy to collaborate on OneNote files.
    Does your team work on content that no one but your team will ever need to see? For example, SOPs, team meeting notes, software project notes.You can choose which platform to use.
    Do team members regularly use other content that lives in Jive?Consider collaborating in a private group or space in Jive to reduce the number of tools your team members need to learn and use.


    Benefits of each platform at a high level

    Microsoft Teams

    MS Planner provides good, visual task management
    MS Office documents are saved without having to click Save.
    You can have multiple Channels to address different topics.
    Relatively easy for people to understand how to use
    Activity stream provides a consolidated way to see all new things from your Teams channels; some filters are available
    MS Office content can be editing from mobile by starting from the Teams mobile app (if you have the other apps installed already)
    Persistent chat - see conversations with people logged over time so you don't lose what's been said/shared
    Presence - see the "status" of someone, based on activity on their computer (is dependent on people having Teams open in app or browser)
    MS Office has file version control, located in Sharepoint. It isn't obvious that you need to go to Sharepoint to see version control, though
    When managed from Sharepoint, folders and sub-folders can be added as organizational structures. This can also be a con if a team doesn't follow an agreed upon set of organizational guidelines, thus making it harder rather than easier to find content
    In MS Planner, you can't @mention Jive assets. For example, (insert your relevant example)
    Teams seems not to be stable for remote employees - the internet connection to keep it open keeps failing (but I can still reach websites, including Jive, when it is failing)
    MS Office programs don't appear to have version control. So you can't see how many versions have been published of your document, or revert to previous versions of a document, or see which editor added which comments.
    If someone starts a discussion that is better suited to a different channel, you can't move it to a new location
    It is very easy to accidentally start a new thread when you reply to a question someone posed. Have done this myself, and seen others do it as well.
    Due to ease-of-use, not a lot of customization
    Lack of content life-cycle management
    No way to create calls to action; relies on team members being self-starters and self-sufficient
    Email notifications about @mentions don't contain any content, but are just a notification that you should see what's going on
    Mobile experience requires multiple apps: a Planner tab in a channel takes you to a different mobile app (or Planner in a browser), where you have to login again
    If you already have the MS Office apps on your phone, opening a file happens in that app. If you don't have them installed, you can only view and it isn't obvious (from Teams) how to edit
    If posting a question and then using search to find it later, it is not possible to see from results whether there was an answer
    Answers to questions can't be marked as correct. You could work around this by having the person who posted the correct answer mark it with a specific emoticon, but that still won't show up in search results
    Notifications appear to either be on or off; no granular selections
    While you CAN make comments on a document and thus have a conversation going that is separate from the content, that has to be done in Teams. These comments don't show up in Sharepoint or in Office (Word, PPT, Excel)

    Teams gives you the option to edit (for example) in Sharepoint, Word, Teams. Issues:

    • No guidance is given as to why you would make a specific choice. For example, you might want to use Sharepoint so you can access the file folder structure; or Teams so you can chat about something you'd like another team member to work on; or Word because you need serious formatting options.
    • You end up in a different program, and the only way "back" to Teams is to realize you need to go back to the program you started in
    • You could end up with a single file open in edit mode in all three locations, which is a confusing experience



    Your Jive CM team can provide 1-1 help
    Regularly maintained, company-specific documentation available
    Has version history, and can revert to previous versions of content - even MS Office files. And if there are co-editors, while you can't see each other typing in the document, you are asked to merge changes when saving your version. So if multiple people are co-editing, there is the ability to make sure what gets saved is what is intended.
    Conversations are individual threads, so you can find/follow one thread, from start to finish
    Questions are separate items from a conversation/discussion, and can have answers marked as correct to help people know/see what the right answer is.
    Content of any kind (file, document, discussion) can be started in one location and then moved to another location.
    Can create navigation aids, calls to action, index documents to help team members get oriented and make sense of content
    Inbox provides defaults for content updates; users can elect to set own preferences to control what appears in Inbox; view is filterable
    Task management is very lightweight, and not visual
    Depending on employee, can be a steep learning curve
    Limited content life-cycle management
    No way to do IM from within the platform - need to rely on another tool for this
    You can't edit MS Office files from mobile using the Jive for Ouffice mobile app, so would need to be able to re-upload a file in CONNECT edited from mobile


    What activities are you wanting to do?

    ActivityMS TeamsJive
    Tracking team tasks

    Add a Planner tab to your Team


    Planner is likely better than Jive tasks. tab to your Team

    • Doc with task list
    • Project with tasks
    • embed WorkFront or SmartSheet in Jive


    If you use another system for tracking, embedding in Jive is likely better.
    Collaborating on team content that will never be shared outside the teamBest option when using Jive for other team content
    Collaborating within your team on content that will end up in JiveOK for original copies of MS Office Files; then move final version to JiveBest for version control and ability to revert or refer to earlier versions
    Create a team knowledge baseMicrosoft's own documentation does not recommend this use case for TeamsJive is well-designed for knowledge base applications
    Keeping team-specific content out of email
    • Main use case for teams
    • Conversations are in a free-flowing stream
    • Conversations/questions are discrete and easily found
    • Content can be automatically previewed without being in edit mode
    Store content that team members can access on desktop or mobileAdd a OneDrive tab to your TeamAll content created in Jive is available on Jive Daily - the Jive mobile app
    Tracking projects sprint-style, i.e. KanBan boardAdd a Planner tab to your TeamLink to a Planner or Trello board from your Jive group or space
    Create a digital workplace containing all the collaboration tools my team needsMicrosoft's own documentation does not recommend this use case for TeamsJive contains a wealth of collaboration tools, and can have additional options embedded
    Survey my team for feedback on programs
    • Use MS Forms to embed a survey
    • Add a SurveyMonkey tab into your Team Need to test, but this looks like a great option
    • Lightweight polls are a possibility, if you don't need to know who voted
    • Link to a survey tool
    Neither are great options
    Allow people to ask quick questions of team membersStrength of this tool is quick, simple to ask and answerStrength of this tool is question deflection by making it easy to find already answered questions
    Encourage idea sharing and collaboration within the teamMicrosoft's own documentation does not recommend this use case for Teams
    • Jive has a content type called Ideas that help support in-depth ideation
    • Discussion posts can be used for lighter weight idea sharing and iteration