Version 1
    ComponentProblem IDSeverityRelease Notes Title
    Admin Console, ThemingCUSTOM-4810S1Themes created with some language characters are not saved and do not appear as available themes
    Widgets and TilesCUSTOM-4736S2Banner Tile: Internal links open in new tab when opening in a new tab is set for external links
    ContentCUSTOM-4442S2Cannot select Photo Albums in Content Sets tile
    RTECUSTOM-4263S2Chrome browser jumps to the top of the screen when pasting a link into a comment, when the document has length enough to have scrolling enabled
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-62S2Community Manager Reports: User Adoption Chart shows more registered users than Total Users
    AnalyticsCUSTOM-89S2Community Manager Reports: User Leaderboard report is not kept in sync with user's status level points when they were decreased by content deletion
    ContentCUSTOM-4151S2Document Conversion is creating temporary directories in /tmp that are not removed
    ContentCUSTOM-4214S2Emoticons do not display in comment when you copy/paste them from other comment
    Content, BookmarkCUSTOM-4028S2External Bookmarks show wrong title
    PeopleCUSTOM-4512S2Featured User Widget: following/stop following a user and then reloading the page causes Follow button shows its previous state
    PlacesCUSTOM-4564S2Filter added in Spaces widget does not work when searched spaces contain special characters in their names
    Extended APIs, Jive Platform APIsCUSTOM-2864S2First and last name are mandatory when creating or updating users by REST API when they are not required by the settings
    PlacesCUSTOM-1729S2HR Pre-Hire Collaboration template is available to be applied in places for what it is not designed for
    SearchCUSTOM-4562S2Limiting search results to a group does not bring content in group's projects
    SearchCUSTOM-3556S2Places and tags search when creating new stream can return empty results
    PlacesCUSTOM-4553S2RSS Feed on the Search Page generates an incorrect date range value when "Last Modified" is filtered by "90 Days"
    PlacesCUSTOM-4551S2Setting the default theme and Custom header navigation results in an incorrect layout
    ContentCUSTOM-4484S2Unable to type in below a table, working with IE11
    Document ConversionCUSTOM-4697S2View as PDF: large images do not render to fit page
    ContentCUSTOM-4216S2Facebook videos look broken
    ModerationCUSTOM-540S2Message Governor can interfere with merging spaces
    ModerationCUSTOM-4309S2Cannot move content when message governor is in place
    PeopleCUSTOM-4622S2Forward slashes are allowed in tags when added as skills/expertise in the User Profile page
    PeopleCUSTOM-4630S2When using the API to follow a user, Hovercard and Following filter when browsing people do not show the followed user
    PlacesCUSTOM-2009S2Edit group: Cannot save changes on a group created via API, if it has all its pages used
    RTECUSTOM-4586S2Unable to upload images using a CMYK color profile
    SearchCUSTOM-4161S2Search index rebuild reports failure in admin console after non searchable bookmarks fail to index
    ThemingCUSTOM-3286S2Themes - Header text color is not respected