Version 13

    A new upgrade for Jive Daily is now available.


    NOTE: As from Jive Daily 2018.1, we have changed the Jive Daily versioning format to match the Jive Cloud versioning format. The change in the version format does not change anything about the product and its features. The latest version now is Jive Daily 2018.2.


    Release Deployment Dates:

    May 2018 - 2018.1 (Fixed Issues in Jive Daily 2018.1)

    July 2018 - 2018.2 New


    This new upgrade comes with many improvements and bug fixes for both iOS and Andriod users:

    Jive Daily: Intranet on the go - Android Apps on Google Play

    Jive Daily: Intranet on the go on the App Store


    Here is the list of fixed issues in this upgrade:


    PlatformIssue IDIssue Title
    AndroidJVMBL-93'Create a Link' option do not retain the case sensitivity in the URL
    AndroidJVMBL-465Marshmallow Permissions Access
    AndroidJVMBL-228The RSS Feed Channel shows "Item not found" while opening it on Android 5.1
    AndroidJVMBL-227The RSS icon doesn't appear alongside the feed items on Android 5.1
    AndroidJVMBL-1252Voters are shown when the hidden option is enabled
    AndroidJVMBL-1151RSS Feed icon inconsistent from screen to screen
    AndroidJVMBL-1137Page links in document viewer do not open appropriate page tab
    AndroidJVMBL-1136Link to a page in a group opens the wrong tab
    AndroidJVMBL-1014"Open in app" link throws a blank screen when SSO is enabled
    AndroidJVMBL-1007The Share link does not work
    AndroidJVMBL-10Pop-up handling on Huawei devices with Jive Daily 2.22
    iOSJVMBL-972Issue posting to a blog in personal container
    iOSJVMBL-963Users are occasionally unable to create a blog in their personal container
    iOSJVMBL-961Clicking the space link does not open the space in the Superlist tile
    iOSJVMBL-960Clicking the space link does not open the space in the Helpful Links tile
    iOSJVMBL-85Banner Image zoomed and cropped
    iOSJVMBL-6In a Group, the Document Viewer tile's description appears as cropped
    iOSJVMBL-282Department field does not show up in Jive Daily Profile when the Title field is not populated
    iOSJVMBL-249The banner image aspect does not fit the available space in the Banner tile
    iOSJVMBL-214Push Notification - Clicking a notification doesn't mark it as Read in the Inbox
    iOSJVMBL-1717Back button gets displayed in white color for blogs which have the banner image
    iOSJVMBL-16Anchor Links are unresponsive
    iOSJVMBL-1566Banner Tiles are not working
    iOSJVMBL-1538Banner images appear blank on the News page
    iOSJVMBL-1464T, JVMBL-1037Broken links to spaces in the Key Content and Places tile
    iOSJVMBL-1009Redirection from the tile to a group is not working
    iOSJVMBL-1001Unable to post to own (personal) blog post on Jive daily 2.24