Version 4

    What is a Charles proxy?

    It's a web proxy that runs on the machine, also known as 'HTTP Proxy/HTTP Monitor'. The web browser is configured so that internet is accessed through Charles and Charles is then able to record and display for you all of the data that is sent and received.


    Download a Free Trial of Charles • Charles Web Debugging Proxy


    Steps to connect mobile with Charles on your machine

    • Open Charles proxy | Click at Sequence.


    • Go to Toolbar and select 'Proxy Settings'


    • Go to Proxies Tab | Note down the port number. In this case, it is 8888.


    • Find out the IP address of the network that your device ie. your machine and phone are connected to.


    • Go to your mobile device | Settings | Wifi | Click on the Wifi network that you 're connected to.
    • Go to HTTP Proxy | Click on Configure Proxy | Select 'Manual' | Configure the following settings and save.


    Port: 8080


    • Open 'Charles' | you will notice the following pop-up message on the Charles screen:


    • Click at Allow to allow connection to the mobile device.
    • Clear the existing session and start recording a new session using the mobile browser | save the session.


    Note: Please clean the existing session and start recording new.