Boston User Group Notes 2/13/2018

Version 3

    Thank you to everyone who attended this month's meeting. It was wonderful to see everyone and to get to chat about the ins and outs of life as community managers. :-) We had another great meeting with lots of interesting discussion on a wide range of topics.


    We look forward to seeing you all in the spring!


    Discussion Notes

    • For Jive-x users: Becky Scott from Lithium was planning on attending but had to postpone to next meeting.  Feel free to connect with her in the community or see Helen Chen/Carbon Black for her direct contact information.
    • Cloud migration to 2017.1.  Have any other locals made the leap yet?  Other than content evolution and shift to the RTE, what are other companies highlighting and/or enabling first? Sam Coe - Novartis
      • No direct experience by anyone in room
      • Previous "New features" like CTE/RTE will be forced on.
      • Combined places into a single type will be helpful, but will not happen with 2017.1. This will require a switch of how we coach our users, but also might need some positioning with converted groups.  Thoughts of cool stuff: subordinate groups and permissions
    • Launching internal collaboration tools Champions program at Novartis that will include users of Jive, SP, Confluence, Kaltura, and Slack.  Any tips from other companies with the same smattering of products? Sam Coe - Novartis
      • Challenge with different tools owned by different teams
      • Not all tools have a community manager to build their community
      • Sam send out map on how Novartis positions tools
    • Is anyone using Jive Advanced User Synch?  We're looking at that to leverage Jive as the system of record for associate profiles and org charts. Feedback from lovers and haters would be welcome.
      • No experience in room.
      • Social Edge can consult and help if you want to grow your own.
    • Better support for EMM/MDM solutions.    Curious if this is still a topic of interest (i.e. enabling Jive Daily within Blackberry, Airwatch, Mobile Iron, Intune, IBM Maas360 etc...) Rich Blank/Bob (Eptome Jive partner)
      • A couple of the larger companies are using similar strategies.
    • What conferences are you attending?  Helen Chen
      • Question about Intra.NET Reloaded in Boston. No one has attended but some of the speakers are Jive users: Novartis, Royal Bank of Canada
      • Community Roundtable has a good list of events
      • Jive World will be in New Orleans in December per Steve from Jive
    • Community Management Reports in Jive 9, How does it differ from previous versions by Sandra Flanagan/Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    • Knowledge management strategies
      • Hide rather than delete just in case,
      • Use Outcomes to point users to current content
      • Empower users to do maintenance
      • Hold contest to motivate activity
      • Enterprise search
        • Akamai went with Sinequa.
        • Multiple comments that Coveo did not pass security audit.
    • Managing Notifications
      • Ruth- shared case where cm turns on and off notification streams as needed for notification or to prevent notifications if activity is going on that will create too much noise
    • Onboarding Strategies Dell/EMC
      • Carbon Black/ Helen
        • Tailored welcome email
        • Welcome badges
        • Quick tips email follow-up
        • Proactive outreach for inactive members especially when there are events of interest to targeted population
          • Use CMR reports to find flags
          • Output outliers to csv and use Word templates with email merge to share tips of cool content
        • Use of custom streams depending on role
      • Gary Lungarini - discussion on using default onboarding quest vs customized quests
      • Ruth - discussion on how to make quests visible to users
      • Recommended Resource:
    • Unusual use cases
      • Private group for team researching new tool acquisition: requirements, videos of meetings, assets
      • private external group for contractor onboarding: account manager, hiring manager, HR coordinating onboarding activity
      • Public space for Hackathon activity making department activity very visible to entire company