Version 3

    A question about how to create a "communications cascade" was asked by Denise Kruft in this week's Ask a Consultant - March 15, 2018. I'm posting the solutions we came up with here in case anyone has a similar situation! If you have a question about how to do something and would like to talk to a Jive/Aurea strategist and/or business consultant, be sure to check the Jive Adoption Resource Center for future Ask a Consultant meetings (they are on Thursdays)


    The Quality team at Wind River needs to post updates about quality processes to 4 audiences with the ones for the C-Staff being the most sensitive:

    • All employees
    • Directors
    • VPs
    • C-Staff


    It's a cascade of information. For example: C-Staff need to be able to see all messages, VPs see everything EXCEPT what is only for C-Staff, and Directors see everything EXCEPT what is only for VPs and C-Staff. The challenge is how to do this without having to post the messages in 4 different places for C-Staff - and how we can make sure C-staff see all the messages without having to go to many different places. Equally important is ensuring sensitive content is delivered to the appropriate audiences.


    You could use the share function to bring the message in each of the spaces and then make sure each audience knows which space they have to go to to view all their messages but we think the solution below is kinda elegant! It means that everyone can go to the Quality Initiative space and see the messages targeted to them without additional navigation. And it's a little less work for the admins/content owners.




    • Top-level Quality Initiative space: has documentation, policies, etc and can also be the place for the updates for all employees
    • Subspaces for each of the other audiences




    • All Registered Users (ARU): Discuss access in the Quality Initiative space; no access to the others
    • Directors permission group: Discuss or Contribute access to the Directors subspace; remove ARU
    • VPs permission group: Discuss or Contribute access to the Directors + VPs subspaces; remove ARU
    • C-Staff permission group: Discuss or Contribute access to the Directors + VPs + C-Staff subspaces; remove ARU


    Content types and placement:

    • Use blogs as the message content type
    • Post updated documentation and policies as uploaded files or native Jive docs
    • Link to documentation from the blog post announcing it
    • Admins/content owners decide who the message is targeted to: is it only C-staff? If yes, they post in the C-Staff space. Is it for directors and up? Goes in the Directors space. If it's for all employees, it goes in the Quality space


    Options for making sure the right people easily see the messages:

    We know that C-Staff (or really anyone) aren't going to spend a lot of time looking - so we need to make it so that everyone sees the content easily. Depending on the importance of the messages, you can use 1 or both of these options.

    Option 1:

    • Tag all Quality content with a tag that is not too easy to duplicate by other employees (quality-process-updates, for example)
    • From the main /content tab, filter by that tag so you get a list of all content tagged that way (it's important to do this from the main Jive /content page - not the space content page)
    • Also filter on the Blog content type
    • Click on "use this view in a tile" on the bottom left
    • Grab the URL and put it in a superlist tile on the top level Quality space.

    Summary: Even though this seems like it's going to surface all the quality messages from all of the subspaces, the permissioning of each space controls who sees what. So employees will only see the messages that live in the top-level one, directors will see those + the ones places in the Directors space and so on.


    Option 2:

    • Create an Everyone News stream and add all of the space blogs for this new Quality Initiatives pace and the three subspaces into it.
    • The space permissioning controls which of the messages are displayed on the News page and in the stream so as long as the message is placed in the correct space, employees won't see something they shouldn't on the News page


    Note: in the case of Wind River: they aren't really using the News page for anything yet. So we suggested that for now, they change the label in the global nav to Quality Updates and the News page is completely taken over by the quality update team. This gets the updates in front of everyone in the global nav. The idea is that once everyone sees how cool it is, they might begin to use the News page for other targeted communications as well.