Version 1


    Fixed Cloud Issues

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityFixed Issue Title
    TileCLOUD-6572S1Configuring the HTML tile results in "401 Unauthorized error"
    PlacesCLOUD-5263S2Custom banner uploaded to a place occasionally disappears
    Content, Places, TileCLOUD-3850S2Dynamic image resizing in the Document Viewer tile
    Activity Streams, EmailCLOUD-729S2Email notifications for Announcements do not contain the link to content
    TileCLOUD-6564S0HTML Tiles cannot be created or edited on Chrome v60 due to Jive's CORS functionality
    SSO/LDAPCLOUD-6580S1Routine LDAP sync cannot sync-in all users' profile
    EmailCLOUD-3396S2Some Message Templates have '<' and '>' encoded as '&lt;' and '&gt;' which results in broken emails
    Jive Platform APIsCLOUD-6568S2The Image Gallery tile shows only 20 images but claims up to 300
    PlacesCLOUD-6571S2Carousel Tile in Internet Explorer and Chrome displays the black bar
    ContentCLOUD-6573S2"Manage Versions" page for documents needs improvement to prevent performance issues and Timeout errors with Akamai
    Activity Streams, Email, Inbox, PlacesCLOUD-6569S2Public Restricted Group: Email Invite does not allow members to join
    PlacesCLOUD-6574S2Banner Tile: Internal links open in a new tab
    Content, External StorageCLOUD-6575S1Unexpected Error when editing settings for space or group using Dropbox storage (partially solved by caching improvement)
    Activity StreamsCLOUD-6322S2HAZDU update breaks Inbox notification/count indicator


    Fixed Non-Cloud Issues

    ComponentProblem IDSeverityFixed Issue Title
    Analytics PluginANALYTICS-1897S1Filtering the CMR User Adoption, Daily Activity, or Places Activity charts can cause timeout errors on large datasets
    Data Export ServiceANALYTICS-2100S1Re-following the un-followed user doesn't increase points
    Analytics PluginANALYTICS-2284S1"Get completed profile percentages" CSV export causes out of memory error
    Extended Apis - Office/OutlookJ4O-304S2Convert email to discussion with embedded images does not add images with correct objectid and objecttype in jiveimage table
    External StorageJENSO-8180S1Box - Unable to rename a space that has thousands of collaborators
    Jive CorePBOX-1758S1Mission Modal: Changing missions' points type from progressive to normal showing minus
    EnginePBOX-2011S2Users can cheat the system by refreshing a profile page with Jive Rewards
    Rewards add-onPBOX-2393S1Rewards Points take many days to update for some users
    File SyncingSPFIVE-12S0Modifying file content in SP does not update the version in Jive
    Place CreationSPFIVE-337S2Connecting to an existing site || User should not be able to select the same folder in both the primary and secondary
    Federated SearchSPFIVE-521S3Federated Search - No loading indication while results are loading
    Permission syncingSPFIVE-549S1NTLM Mapping || User cannot leave or be deleted from a connected group
    Configuration, Place CreationSPFIVE-568S2Documentation link opens inside storage instance configuration screen
    Federated SearchSPFIVE-585S1Federated Search does not work through NTLM connection - NTLM negotiation fails.
    ConfigurationSPFIVE-658S2Resources try to load from root path instead of relative path(app context)
    Federated SearchSPFIVE-695S1Federated Search does not show results on IE browser
    File SyncingSPFIVE-716S0Add a property that disables file download in an SP-connected group.