Version 9

    I would LOVE to have a work around for this.   Linking into the tag cloud of a group would be very helpful to me.


    Any ideas?



    link to a group and one tag.   [ This fails, it just goes to the group.  If I drag over the url, copy, and paste into the browser it works. ]


    Space   [these all work]

    Link to a space and one tag  

    Ideas for Jive  (auto shortened)

    /community/products/ideas-for-jive/tags#/?tags=content  (show bare link) - but it looks like it was shortened

    Same thing with double tag to a space


    General tag cloud [these all work]

    single tag to people cloud

    two tags to people cloud

    two tags in people cloud, one with "R&D" - special character


    This relates to my post Concept of the best way to search the profiles of a specific set of users (feedback please!)