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    When SSO is enabled, the "Open in Jive Daily app" link returns a black screen and app is never opened



    2.24, 2018.1


    Problem Description

    • On Android devices only when trying to open a Jive Community link randomly chosen, you reach a browser page where it’s asked if you want to open it in Jive daily or in the browser.
    • When clicking on "Open in Jive Daily app", you are blocked on an empty page with as URL


    Steps to Reproduce

    • Make sure SSO is enabled on site
    • Go to mobile browser on Android device
    • Enter URL to site
    User-added image
    • Tap "Open in Jive Daily app" link


    Expected Result

    Application opens


    Actual Result

    A blank web page is shown


    Defect ID




    • This issue has been identified as a bug and reported to Engineering.
    • Issue still pending of resolution